Tips For Planning A Successful Wedding

Hello Ladies,


Some of you may know that I got married last year. I decided to plan the wedding myself with my closest friends.

Along the journey I have learned a lot about my myself and I utilised skills I didn’t even know I possessed. So I have decided to off load these tips to any of you that may be planning your own wedding too.


Know what you want 

If you are getting married it’s important to know the look of the wedding style your going with. What do you want your dress to look like? What type of flowers do you want?

What’s the overall decoration style you desire? Where do you want the venue to be?

These are some of the critical questions you need to ask yourself and research beforehand because it makes the rest of the process a lot easier.


Choose your friends wisely 

The moment I knew I was getting married my first thought was who would I involve in the planning. Luckily for me I have been blessed with the best friends and family a girl could ask for.

I held a meeting with 6 of my girls and depending on their strengthens they each volunteered to manage a section in regards to the wedding. We all had an agreed timescale of when everything would be completed, and we made sure we stuck to it.



Make sure you communicate effectively on all things. People are not mind readers. I would also give examples of what I wanted and my friends would take that on board and  look for similar things and styles for me.


Progress updates

I held meetings every fortnight to get an update on what had been achieved and what was outstanding. This gives a realistic time frame of when everything would be completed in time for the wedding.


The completed vision

Lastly it is so important to see everything materialise. So if it’s the wedding invitations, you need to actually have it in your hands, it’s not good enough to say it’s been ordered . For me I took a task as completed once I had the particular thing in my hands. Then I would tick it of my wedding check list.

So if you do follow my quick steps you should have a wedding that looks something like this.

xo Asiabee


How To Do You

Hey beautiful people,
Who are we kidding, I’m sure we’ve all compared ourselves to someone before. This could have been your sister, brother, friend, colleague, Facebook friend, passer-by and the list goes on and on and on. If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my short life is that we came into this world alone and we will definitely be leaving this world alone. Yes, even you guys who are twins, triplets, married etc.
Our lives are planned according to our individuality and not others, so don’t stress and worry about where you’re going and how you’re going there, and how you’re going to get there. I know it’s easier said than done, trust me. But, as long as we’re focused on our own goals, we persevere and take the right steps, we’ll get there in the end.
I love giving examples because they give a rough idea of what I actually mean. So… you’re 30 and feel like you’re not at the right stage in your career, maybe you’ve just started, or you’re working in an industry that you don’t particularly enjoy. You turn your head to the left and you see your best friend working it and strutting her stuff as she is living the life in her dream job. OK, it doesn’t mean she’s better than you, or she has something that you don’t if you catch my drift.
How about this example, your turn to the right and you feel like everyone you know is in a relationship and getting married, but there you are on your couch alone, watching ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’. OK, so a few people are getting married, but it’s not your time yet. It’s not your time because maybe you’re just working on yourself first, getting to know who you are, being happy within yourself, maybe your life isn’t where it’s meant to be yet. Don’t sweat it!
So what about if you look down at yourself and feel you haven’t explored the places you dreamed of, you haven’t taken the adventures you always wanted and you haven’t visited the countries you wished to. OK, so you haven’t, but so what? Is it the end of the world? Try evaluating why this may be. Is it because of your financial situation, family, your husband, wife, children. Try having a think and see how you can work around your life or build yourself to the point where you can actually do these things.
The best thing to do is look up. Your time will come when it’s meant to, but of course, there are many times when we have to act in order for our blessings to come our way; there are other times when all we need to do is just have patience. Keep calm like a breeze.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11
Hope it helps you like it helps me.
HettyAsh xx

Be Inspired

Be Inspired

“Your lateness will be your latest”!

A beautiful and inspiring quote from one of my uncles. Don’t fear and don’t sweat it. As long as you keep your faith, take the right actions, persevere and show determination, you will reach your destination in the end.

Dreaming is the luxury of children SET TARGETS and GOALS!

I was talking to my brother one day and this is what he said – I thought, spot on! Thanks K.E

If a guy loves you enough, he’ll make you his world without you asking. It’s always a problem chasing after a guy you like, because if he felt the same, his actions would say.

Most men know from the outset what their intentions are – whether they want to marry you, have fun or use you – they know.

“We work double shifts every single day: the career and the looks. Without the looks, the career is limited. Without the career, the looks are limited”  – The V Woman.

I literally love this quote; I feel it’s absolutely spot on. It made me think, if you don’t have money, it’s difficult and virtually impossible to beautify yourself. You need some sort of financial means to help make yourself look your best. With a lot of women, physical looks go hand in hand with their career, and it takes a lot to look your absolute best ALL the time. Other women are so focused on a career that they forget everything around them, including taking care of their own selves. You know the old saying, too much of something is not good? Yes, being too concerned with your physical looks can be a hindrance, and being too focused with work and your career can block you from progressing in other areas of your life. All in all, women are really doing their thing and are really working double shifts, and we’re still not tired. I have to say, we’re superwomen. When’s the film coming out?

‘Be careful of the dream killers’.

There are people that will do their best to squash your vision. As soon as you get excited and want to conquer something, they will tell you that you can’t do it, or that you should wait, or that it’s not for you. As long as you know it’s right for you, pursue it and don’t look back.

HettyAsh xx


Stuck In A Rut

Stuck In A Rut

 Hey ladies and gents,

This title literally sprung to mind not so long ago as I was thinking of the experiences of feeling like you’re not moving forward in life or progressing in areas you would like to. I’m sure most of us have experienced this before, but I realised that even though sometimes this can be to no fault of our own, there are other times where we, ourselves are to blame.

Sometimes we make mistakes or we don’t take the right type of action. This can be, for instance, not doing your best to apply for the kind of job that you want, constantly turning up late to work, being argumentative when sometimes we need to zip it, if you know what I mean. There are so many other examples. But do you know what, I think that one of the worst things, if not, the worst thing a person can do is to not learn from their mistakes and grow. To keep on, time and time again, over and over, all the time until they end up in a never ending cycle of the same mistakes.  It’s like a rollercoaster that never ends.

In making the same old repeated mistakes how does such a person grow? They can’t! They won’t!  I’ve learnt that it really takes a humble person to admit they’re wrongs and mishaps, trust me I know all about breaking your pride.

So how do you know if you’re ‘stuck in a rut’? I would say, really evaluate yourself with an open mind, sometimes the signs are plain to see, they are literally displayed in front of your eyes in black and white. It’s a good idea to ask people who you are close to or you know have your best interest at heart (such as your pastor, family members or close friends), what their opinions of you are and what they think of whatever situation you are in. It can be anything from your career goals, to what you’re like as a person, to if you always seem to be in relationships that don’t go anywhere. Pay attention to what they say as this could really help you.

One thing I do have to say, I admire my brother – he’s young, full of energy and yes, we don’t always agree, and he knows sometimes he can really drive me insane and I’m sure he’ll say the same about me. I have to say, I don’t always meet people who will intentionally surround themselves with positive people and people who are going places: striving to do well in their education and career, ensuring they stay out of trouble, going to seminars that help them to be better and pushing themselves to be good examples to themselves and others. Literally, if he had a friend that was directing him to do wrong or was a bad influence he would cut them off so quickly they wouldn’t even know what hit them, or he would simply keep his distance.

Soooo basically, I guess what I’m trying to say is, intentionally being around good company can really make a huge impact and help you tackle this, ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling.

I hope this helps!

HettyAsh xx


Tips For A Stress Free Marriage

Tips For A Stress Free Marriage
Hey guys and dolls,
Today I have decided to bring you tips on a stress free marriage. I hear you all saying is there such a thing as a stress free marriage? Of course there is, just don’t get married in the first place lol! Only kidding,
On a serious note, my top tips are:
1. Communication
I know you’ve all heard this before but it truly works. Communication ensures minimum arguments and misunderstandings. It also leads to number 2.
2. Intimacy
Intimacy is needed in all relationships. I’m not just talking about love making, but also closeness and the feeling that you are close with your spouse.
3. Spending time together
This is essential for any relationship to flourish and evolve. Spending time with your loved one matures a marriage and keeps the fire burning. I know this is hard for those of you who have children, I can completely relate, but you must make that time.
4. happy wife, happy life
I know I’m being sexiest here but seriously this works. Men, learn quickly to realise that you are the head of the family. However, you do need to respect your wife and listen to her. There is a hierarchy of positions and each person is important in order for a relationship to function well. The wife can’t do without the husband, and the husband can’t do without the wife. Comprende?
5. Take turns to do things
“Say what” I hear you men saying. However, this is true. Do not just assume because she is the woman she has to do the cooking or take care of the house all the time. Sometimes step in and take that initiative, this lets your woman know that she is not being taken for granted and that you see all the hard work she puts in, bearing all the children then getting back to business. As this old saying goes what you won’t do for your man or woman, there’s always somebody waiting by the side lines ready to fill in the gaps.
Try these simple steps and let me know if your marriage is stress free. I guarantee it works.
xo Asiabee