Are You A satisfied Single?

Are You A satisfied Single?

How many of you can answer this question truthfully?

Personally for me, in my single days I truly believed that I was a satisfied single…. until my relationships would break down and I would convince myself that I was okay with it, knowing deep down I really wasn’t.

I’m going to speak candidly about this subject as I believe everybody has been through this at some stage in their lives. Whilst I was watching ‘The Real’, which is an American talk show one of the talking points asked the question of if there is such a thing as a satisfied single. The views of the panel was interesting as all talk show members had a different view point, so I decided to also add in my two cents. You can thank me later lol.

You know for girls, it’s all cool when you’re chilling with your girls, traveling the world and falling in love in every country. On the other hand, for guys it starts when you start going out every night and meeting women of your fantasy.

But whilst you’re on this high, there’s a voice in your head asking you how long will this really last and are you truly satisfied? For me, it came to a point in my life when the single life was just not doing it for me. I had been to most of the clubs in London and different parts of the world and I would still arrive home feeling empty inside.

For me it was fabulous whilst it lasted, but I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade what I have now for the life I previously lived, although I think it’s important that I did go through those experiences as it defined what I truly wanted.

And it’s not to say that there aren’t any satisfied singletons out there as I’m sure there’s plenty who are extremely content, so I say all this to say DO YOU BOO!

xo Asiabee


Slide on Sliders With The Tunic Jumpsuit

Ladies, ladies, ladies, I for one am not a massive fan of wearing heels all the time and all day long. Sometimes, even when I am attending a function or just going somewhere nice, I like to be stylish but without the struggle of having to wear killer heels, (as in they kill your feet because they are so painful and uncomfortable).

You know, you can still be working it and rocking it with a simple outfit and some simple FLAT shoes, or sliders. Phew, as that really does mean that you can enjoy your day, dance, look and feel fabulous without wondering if you’ll get bunions at the end of the night. Yes, I said it.

 One thing I have to admit to is that I try my possible best to stay well clear of pointy shoes. I usually think they don’t do my feet any justice whatsoever. I’m tall and I have wide feet and I’m a size 6-7 UK shoe size. So besides the fact that I think pointy shoes can easily look ugly, my feet are generally too wide to fit into them anyways. Introducing, the pointy sliders – they are comfortable on my feet and don’t allow my feet to look humungous, that’s any girl’s dream. The only thing I will say about wearing sliders is that as there is nothing to support the heels of your feet when you’re walking, they can easily slip of, but then they can easily slide back on and don’t even try running in them to catch a bus or something.

Tunic jumpsuit

I always seem to be attracted to suede footwear, don’t know why as they can be a pain to clean and you always have to take a chance wearing them in this country as it could rain at any time and possibly ruin the lovely shoes. These grey sliders are suede and although classified as a casual footwear, I feel they are anything but casual. The feel and the look of the shoes, I believe you can wear to certain occasions or carry them in your clutch bag for when you are wearing heels and decide enough is enough; you’ll still look just as dressed up in these sliders.

tunic jumpsuit

 I’m the kind of girl that eagerly looks for items of clothing that is slightly different or I haven’t really seen any or much people wearing. I like to be in with the trends but at the same time be uniquely me. I must add, I love jumpsuits, love, love, love! They can help you look stylish, sophisticated and feel comfortable and warm, all at the same time. I can wear them all year round like we don’t have four seasons in the UK. Before this, I hadn’t come across a jumpsuit with a tunic detail. I saw this outfit and thought wow I need to buy this. So I did.

Tunic Jumpsuit

 This jumpsuit like most jumpsuits I buy is comfortable and helps give an element of sophistication. I think it’s great, particularly if you have a rectangular shaped body or you’re bottom heavy as the outfit is pretty rectangular shaped and the tunic detail helps to keep the bottom half of you intact. That’s my theory anyways. It also comes with a belt which is always handy.

It’s also a smart look so hey, if you’re going to an important work related meeting, you can wear this along with a smart jacket and smart shoes and you’re good to go. So you really can’t go wrong in this at all.

Finally, my small pink patterned clutch bag! You don’t need to always mix and match, sometimes change your look up a bit and you’ll be surprised with what goes with what. I matched this pink clutch with my grey sliders and cream jumpsuit because I can and I love it. I think the bag gives a tint of colour and a touch of femininity to the look. I’ve had the bag for a while, I mean a really long time (I won’t tell you how long) but honestly, I couldn’t have matched a better bag with this outfit.

Tunic Jumpsuit

So there you go – my slide on slippers with the tunic jumpsuit fashion look.

Asos Tunic Jumpsuit – £33.00

 Filippa Snake Skin Clutch Bag (Similar bag) , Coast – £35.00

Grey Suede Sliders from Next is sold out 🙁 but if I see something similar I will include it in this post.

What do you think of this look?

HettyAsh xx

Photo credit: Cedric Alexter

Hair done by: hair_byjas


The Struggle Gets No Notice But The Glory Attracts The Haters

Nobody suddenly becomes successful. We don’t wake up in the morning and all of a sudden realise we have been appointed the new CEO of a highly reputable company, or have a ground breaking idea in our mind and then poof it has been realised and now we’re famous for it. If I am completely wrong and this does actually happen then please let me know, I’ll be absolutely gobsmacked. On a serious note, success comes with determination, perseverance and commitment.


Have you ever noticed that people generally don’t seem to notice you through all your struggles, trials and tribulations? Have you ever had an idea, for instance a business or a career related idea and told people about it only for 99.9% of those you tell frown upon it and discourage you from pursuing it? They tell you it won’t work, it’s impossible, it doesn’t make sense, you don’t have the funds, it’s not creative enough, someone has already done it, the market is too competitive, what about your mum, but what about your brother, and how can you juggle university and this so called idea, so what about money and what about the means….


Funnily enough when they see your idea in full fruition and see that you’re running with it and you may be, just may be more than just an ordinary person, they suddenly start supporting you and praising you. The same person who was demotivating you is now your biggest supporter.


Through experience, I have truly learnt what the meaning of believing in yourself first means, because let’s face it, who is going to believe in you if you don’t even believe in yourself? You have to be your own driving force when it comes to pushing yourself in order to really and truly make something of yourself. You’re the steering wheel of your life –  the ‘act’ in ‘action’ and the determining power that lifts you up and carries you to the finishing line – not others.


People love to jump on band wagons, it’s like a chain reaction and just like any chain, once a link is created, it is difficult to separate. You may be the only one shouting out from the rooftops about how great you are, how great of a singer you are, how your business idea is destined for gold; but once a wave of people who you don’t even know become passionate about your talent, people around you and many others will start to develop the same passion.


Sometimes the best thing to do is to hush – in other words be mute, silent and just completely quiet about your goals and ambitions. Just like the infamous quote – ‘actions speak louder than words’, and let’s be sincere, nobody likes a chatterbox with no meaning behind their speaking. There can be instances where you may share one of your plans with someone and find out at another stage that your plan is no longer just your plan but also theirs as they’ve stolen it or maybe just borrowed it. An example could be concocting this amazing transport related app and telling a friend, then browsing Twitter a few months later and finding out that, that same app is now your friend’s. Who would have known that your best friend could have stolen something so dear to you?


I believe in energy; the energy of walking into a room when everyone has been talking about you and feeling some sort of awkward energy, or your partner is upset with you and as a result has exuded this tension related energy. This exists. There’s also another type of energy where it’s almost like people can sense that you’re going to be somebody, or make something of yourself – they can sense that you have all the qualities to do well for yourself. That’s great – some will like you more for it whilst others will hate you more for it. You may sooner or later realise that there are people in your life who are just hanging around like leeches ready to drop off once you have uttered these words, “I’ve failed, my plan failed, my goals failed, I’m a failure”. On the other hand, there will be people in your life who are with you no matter what, they are the ride or die kind of individuals. The hold tight my sister, keep your chin up and always look up sort of guys. The fist pumping, positive energy exuding go-getters who also want you to ‘go get some’, as in some of this success as there’s enough to go around. You wouldn’t know it though as some go on like success comes in drips and drabs. It doesn’t by the way.


I’ve heard this a lot – women compete with each other a lot more than men do. You know what, call me crazy, but I actually believe this. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to other women; who is prettier, slimmer, curvier, who has more money, who is more successful, who has the highest ranking job title. Some of us even go as far as to fight over men and step on each other just to have a particular man as a boyfriend/husband. I’ve seen this happen on several occasions. We can be so envious and jealous of each other. We’ll be the girlfriend who sings you praises to your face, but cusses you out behind your back, and at the same time quietly observe you by the side lines until something goes wrong. Now that’s a skill, but not a good one I must state.


On occasion, you don’t have to do anything for people to dislike you, you don’t have to bat an eyelid, you don’t even have to say a word. You can be the most hard working, nicest, friendliest and most helpful human being there is, you’ll still find people who will do everything in their power to put a halt to your dreams. This could be anywhere: in the workplace, at school, at university, at the gym, absolutely anywhere. Just know that in most cases it’s because they fear you, not fear you as in, they are literally scared of you, but fear you because they see something in you that frightens them. They see you as someone who is doing well and they are afraid that you might overtake them and surpass them.


Think of a time when you was going through some hard times, some difficult situations and think of the process you went through to come out victorious. When you were there minding your business going through this difficult time, nobody was hating on you. Nobody needed to. Now think of a time when you came out on top, when you went through such struggle and received the reward of accomplishment and were going through the transition from a blank canvas to a triumphant one. Did you hear the siren of haters talking about how lucky you are and how you don’t deserve your blessing and how you don’t have to work like how they do? Yes, that’s what I was thinking, the cheek.


Well to sum this all up, if you’re experiencing haters then it means you’re doing something right. Nobody hates on losers as harsh as it may sound. If there’s anything else I can add, it will be to not waste your precious tears, eyeliner, or lipgloss ladies or perfectly pressed suits gents on the envious.


Keep winning.


HettyAsh xx



Rebuke For The Wise

Rebuke For The Wise
“A wise man heeds his father’s instruction, but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke” – Proverbs 13:1.
Amen to that. No one is perfect as we all know. We all make mistakes and do wrong whether intentionally or unintentionally. One thing I learnt when growing up was to always respect authority. Authority always meant my parents, older people, pastors, teachers, bosses etc. It is also important to give respect to each other and to listen to the advice of your peers and take what is good and discard what is bad. However, you need to attain a certain amount of humility in order to really accept chastising and rebuke. No one really likes being told what to do and that they are doing wrong but sometimes it is necessary.
We can only see ourselves when we look through some sort of mirror, but what about when we’re not? What about when we’re walking on the street, or sitting in a classroom, or at our desk at work? Everyone else can see exactly what we look like, but we have no idea until we look at ourselves through the looking glass. Sometimes we can’t see our own faults and wrongdoings but others can, they can see it as clear as day. We need to just humble ourselves and admit our wrongs, don’t be scared to apologise, brush it off our shoulders, pick up our mat and keep it moving.
Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath; don’t feel bitter about the help that others have tried to give and always look and search inside yourself to see how you can improve as a better person.
One thing I definitely believe is that we are either getting better in life or getting worse. I don’t really believe that we can stay the same because life is always changing, so inevitably if we don’t do anything then we’ll probably get worse.
So I’m putting on this wise hat of mine and keeping it moving.
HettyAsh xx

Make Up Tips On Looking Matte – ‘Asiabee’s Oriental Matte Look’

                                                              As featured on #bbloggers blog:

Hi dolls,

We are so pleased and happy to let you lovelies know that this blog is featured on #bbloggers blog, the link is above. We are introducing Asiabee’s matte look with a twist. We hope you like it.

So girlies, let’s get started shall we?

‘Asiabee’s Oriental Matte Look’ list of products:

• Mac Prep + Prime crème 

• Iman BB crème 

• Iman Second To None Crème Foundation

• Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder

• Fashion Fair Beauty Blush – Warm Sand colour

• Mac Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow

• Rimmel London Rich Brown Waterproof Eye Definer

• Mac Chestnut Lip Pencil

• Fashion Fair Siren lipstick

• Black Up foundation brush

• Mac brush kit

The first step is to apply the Mac Prep + Prime crème to your face. Only apply it to the areas that tend to shine the most. We combined Iman BB crème with Iman Second To None Crème foundation and mixed to achieve the right skin tone. This mix also helps create a nice glow.

The second step is to brush the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder with a good quality powder brush (we used Mac’s brand) across your face until everything has evened out. This helps to give the matte look. This particular powder, we would recommend for when you’re taking photos and filming as it helps reduce shine.

The next product we used was the Mac Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow. We used the glossy gold and purple colours. We wanted HettyAsh’s eyes to stand out and be the main attraction. It’s great for those who have small eyes as it helps accentuate them.

The mascara comes next – we used the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara which has a curved brush, but feel free to use any great mascara that is available.

The eyeliner we used was the Rimmel London rich brown waterproof eye definer. We love this particular product as the colour is perfect for those with small eyes. We find that applying black eyeliner all across your eyelids can sometimes give you the ‘goth’ eye look.

The Beauty Blush Warm Sand by Fashion Fair helps to define your cheek bones and the colouring provides a different contrast as compared to the rest of the make up.

We find you can have your make up done perfectly but if your lips are not done right, it can spoil the whole look. We used Mac’s Chestnut lip pencil to outline the lips to give it a fuller look and tidy the appearance of the lipstick. For the inside of the lips we used Fashion Fair Siren.

The final step is to re-apply the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder to finalise the look.

And voila…

If you want to see snippets of how this make up was applied, come on over to our Instagram page. To keep updated with our fun antics, tips, advice and posts, check us out on social media – Twitter and Instagram @HettyAsia.

HettyAsh xx xo Asiabee