The Superhero Caped Jumpsuit

Ladies, ladies, ladies, for those who know me, I love unique things, I’m not one to go with the flow and buy and wear what everyone else is. I came across this Jumpsuit and fell in love with it instantly. I was like woah, a jumpsuit with a cape? Now that’s different.

I have previously published a fashion post about caped jumpsuits called Batman vs Superman The Caped Jumpsuit Trend but when I wore this particular jumpsuit out on a couple of occasion, I literally had stares and people asking me where I bought it from. From strangers, to friends to family members – everyone seemed to really dig this outfit, so girlies I thought I’d share it with you in the hopes that you may like it too and get some inspiration.

caped jumpsuit

ASOS caped Jumpsuit

Asos Caped Jumpsuit


OK so this exact jumpsuit is officially sold out, but don’t panic as you can buy a similar jumpsuit.

Yas Caped Jumpsuit, Asos – £90


HettyAsh xx


The Simplest Things That Are The Hardest To Do

The Simplest Things That Are The Hardest To Do
  1. Apologising. Just simply saying sorry when you’ve wronged or upset someone. This can show humility, that you care about the person’s feelings, that you recognise you’re in the wrong, or that you just want to let bygone be bygone.
  2. Being sincere. Genuine. Honest. Truthful. Almost always people will see through your fake act which will most likely cause problems for yourself in the long run, so as they say, being honest is the best policy and as I say being sincere never hurt anybody.
  3. Acknowledging that you need help. This can sometimes come down to pride when you can’t actually state that you are in need of help. If you don’t ask for help then how will you ever receive it and progress as a human being in whatever situation you are faced with?
  4. Asking someone how they feel. This can go a long, long way. This shows that you care enough to pay attention to someone’s feelings and that you are willing to help them and lend a shoulder to cry on if needs be.
  5. Accepting constructive criticism. Now steady on peeps, no-one is perfect so why do we get so uptight and emotional when someone who is coming from a genuine place, freely gives us constructive criticism? It’s so much better when people try to help us through advice and feedback.
  6. Communicating. Now that’s music to my ears. I’m not one for Chinese whispers, never have been. A lot of problems and issues we go through can easily be solved through effective communication.
  7. Being honest with yourself. OK, so this sounds like a silly statement but you’ll be surprised how many times we try to fool and deceive ourselves. Just look at yourself and ask yourself if you are actually being honest with what you want and need.
  8. Loving and valuing yourself. Look in the mirror regularly and tell yourself things like, “I love you” and “your beautiful/handsome”. It will do you wonders because you really do treat people how to treat you and if you don’t love yourself, who will?
  9. Loving others. Well duh, of course we have to programme this notion into our minds, because although this seems like a basic thing to say, if we really lived by this we would hurt each other a lot less.
  10. Giving. Now wait for a second, this doesn’t necessarily mean giving gifts. Giving can be anything from offering a helping hand, to giving good advice, to just simply listening.
  11. Listening. So I obviously had to include this because we do have to practice the art of listening. We have to listen to each other’s needs, and just basically put our good functioning ears to work.

Ideas For A Date Night

Learn to dance

Think of how exciting it would be for you and your partner to learn a new skill together. Plenty of studios offer sessions for first timers and couples, however if you feel intimidated you can consider booking private  lessons.


You can get physical on the living room floor 

If you have children getting out and about can sometimes be tricky. So you and your partner can do P90x together. Think how awesome it would be for you and your partner to keep in shape together and keep the competitive spirit between the two of you. By now you may know that exercise increases your Libido too wink.


Take a fairytale ride

Why not go to a amusement park and get into touch with your inner child. There’s so much things you can do such as cuddling up on your favourite rides, sharing a candy floss or tucking into a delicious hot dog.


Serenade each other

For me I absolutely love a guy who can play an instrument, I find is soooo sexy. So why not learn a new skill with your partner. You can check this out on Groupon. Research also suggests that learning a new skill with your partner can actually tighten your bond.


Venture into the kitchen 

Have you and your partner ever thought about dedicating a day where you create particular meals together. Also if you make familiar foods but change some of the ingredients this can spice things up on all levels and will also leave you with time to actually spend with each other.


xo Asiabee


Africa Fashion Week London, 2016

Hey gents and ladies,

For all of you lovelies who don’t know, I actually love anything to do with African print and design, be it cloths, bags, outfits, jewellery or pretty much anything you can wear… OK so I’m not one to wear the head wraps, but you get my drift. I love African inspired patterns and African originated designs. I’m definitely the person who would go out to dinner in a nice kente inspired dress, or an Ankara patterned skirt.

 I attended Africa Fashion Week 2014 for work purposes so although it was fun filming the catwalks and stalls, I couldn’t really soak in all it’s beauty and glory. So this year I thought, why not go and gather some inspiration for myself and of course for you beauties – don’t mention it.

 I must state that when I saw the head wraps fixated on this mannequin head, I was amazed! It’s literally just a slim piece of cloth that has been wrapped and styled on the mannequin which is a breath of fresh air from the thick and long pieces of head wraps I usually see. Buying one piece of cloth is £5, although, you can always use some you may have lying around in your home.

I love this yellow dress, I think it’s beautiful and if you ask me, you can wear it to almost any function such as a casual outing, a special occasion i.e. birthday dinner or a wedding. I think yellow is a great way to keep the summer alive even when it looks like it’s dying if you know what I mean.

I’m literally in love with African print clutches – in LOVE! I have a couple which I got as a gift when I went to Ghana a few years ago and I love them so much that I hardly ever take them outside of my home. You know when you have something you think is really nice so you only want to wear or use them when you absolutely need them? Yeah – that’s me. These bags really stand out, so a plain outfit will really compliment them, but if you’re daring like I can be sometimes, then why not match bold African designed and inspired outfits with these clutches?

 So cute! These African designed and themed baby clothes are amazing! I have honestly never seen anything like it before. Simple but yet bold at the same time.

OK so this is a dress I would definitely rock! I’d wear it to an event, awards ceremony, wedding or a private up-do function. It’s so out there that I’d probably only wear it once or maybe twice depending on how I’m feeling.

OK so these beaded bags are unique and one of a kind – I have never seen anything like it before. When I approached the stall, I almost collapsed I was so in love… OK so I’m melodramatic, but seriously, they’re amazing! I would definitely buy them and keep them for when I go on holiday to a nice hot country, or when the whether is nice and hot here.

You really can’t go wrong in a smart black dress with one of these bags – talk about a statement piece.

 Love African inspired jewellery – just incredible! They are unique, different and you can’t really walk into a shop here and buy them so if you get any of these, you’ll definitely get people asking you where you got them from. If your ears can withhold heavy earrings then why not go for it, I would!

 Beautiful – absolutely beautiful! I love everything about this jacket! Everything!

 I’m not one for wearing beaded jewellery, but if you’re into beads and custom jewellery then this is definitely for you.

 Simple, long, and lightweight – this will definitely elongate your figure and keep you standing tall.

 I actually like these socks I must say. They are different, and I would definitely say they are an infusion of African and European design.

This dress with the silk orange top and patterned blue skirt is to die for – obviously not literally, but you know what I mean. It’s colourful but not over the top and very stylish I must add. It’s perfect if you want to wear a nice dress that will help you look in shape and slim. To add, whether you’re short or tall, you will definitely be standing tall in this item.

So there you have it!

My Africa Fashion Week 2016 – Stalls in pictures! Hope you felt inspired like I did.

Below are a list of the brands featured in this post:

Hoofersint/Fabric Gateaux – African Inspired Socks

Idle Fashion – Clothes and accessories

Da Viva – cloths and clothes

Anaisarts – clothes and head wraps

Meme bete – luxury everyday handbags

Adubea Jensen Designs – beaded handbags

HettyAsh xx


Zachariah’s Fashion Trends For Summer

Hey party people as you all know, every once in a while my 19month old son gets a feature on our blog.

Today he is bringing you his summer styles.

All White Everything

I know most people think I’m crazy for dressing Zachariah in all white. But I absolutely love this colour on him and cannot resist dressing him up in this ensemble. It is simply white jeans paired with a white a polo vest and blue jeans coloured sandals. This type of outfit is perfect for a late night dinner.

 Earn Your Stripes

I love this outfit for the simplicity of it and the comfortability. It’s my go to outfit when Zachariah and I are heading out for a play date with our friends or if we are going to a casual restaurant. I pair this outfit with red stroppy sandals, which gives the outfit a fun filled summer look.

 The American Dream

This casual look really let’s you know it’s summer. Your little one can stay cool with this cool vest and denim jeans paired with sandals. This outfit can be worn for family days out at the Zoo or just strolling to the park.

Bringing Back The Braces

I love braces especially for toddlers. It can automatically dress up any outfit or in this case it can bring a quirky look for a casual outfit. So here we paired up these braced jeans with a vest top and comfy shoes. This brings out Zachariah’s individuality and sense of style. This outfit can be worn on a day out feeding ducks or anything of that nature.

Grandad Swag

I love this outfit. I think dressing up babies more older than they are is a fun expression of style and quirkiness. Here we have dark brown/orange trousers, which has been put together with a stripe shirt with a black bow tie and then a waistcoat to complete the whole outfit. This outfit can be worn for special birthdays and going to  Church, I like to call it Sunday’s finest.

 xo Asiabee