Insightful Tips For Success

Insightful Tips For Success

Do you want to know the 5 most important things successful people do in the first hour of their day?

Well then you have come to the right place.

I was reading an article by Bianca for London Mailonline and this is what it said:

The first thing is:

Pre-Work Exercise

Going for a run or using the gyms before work is fundamental. This helps to clear your mind and psyches you up for the day and any challenges you might face.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast 

If you want to be productive you have to fuel your body properly, so eat a healthy breakfast as soon as you arrive at the office.

Clear Your Inbox 

Some say you should leave this until the afternoon, however make it a priority to clear your inbox and respond to urgent queries. It saves time when your looking for particular e-mails.

Determine Your Goals For The Day

After sorting through your inbox, make sure to set clear goals for the day ahead.

Set Yourself A Priority List

It is essential to have a to do list, so after your goals has been set, make  a list of the key tasks that need completing in order of priority and importance.

Well folks I hope you found this information as useful as I did. The full article can be found on Dailymail. I encourage you to practice doing this in your professional life and see what changes it brings.

xo Asiabee


Forgiveness = Strength

Forgiveness = Strength

Hey dudes and dudettes,


People often have their own takes and ideas on forgiveness, some people proudly state that they don’t forgive those who wrong them. Others say that they will forgive once said people receive the same treatment they did and then you have those who forgive regardless – those are the strongest people.

“What about those who purposefully wronged you and aren’t even sorry? Do you forgive them”?


It may be easy to forgive someone who offended you and apologised as a result, or those who received punishment as a consequence of their actions against you, but what about those who purposefully wronged you and aren’t even sorry? Do you forgive them?


If there’s anything that I’ve learnt and witnessed is the power of forgiveness and letting go which by the way go hand in hand but not without mentioning that you don’t necessarily have to forget.


Scientists will tell you, holding a grudge can be bad for your health, both physically and mentally. It sounds strange because people hold grudges against those who have hurt them, but instead of those people feeling the burn and the hurt, you are.


Holding grudges stems from unforgiveness  and affects you more than it does the person. I know how hard it is to forgive people who we feel have done so much against us but the end result is peace, joy and happiness instead of resentment, hatred and anger.


“The better option is to brush the situation of your shoulder like you’re brushing dust of your jacket”.


Have you ever dealt with someone who badly wronged you and wasn’t even sorry for it? I have. Your natural desire is to concoct a plan that will have them feeling exactly how you felt, right? OK, but the thing is, the better option is to brush the situation of your shoulder like your brushing dust of you’re jacket. You’re squashing the problem right before their eyes and what’s even better is that you’re not giving them the satisfaction of them knowing that they got to you and what’s even better than that is that you’re at peace with yourself, because you’re not holding any grudges against them or the situation. To me, that sounds all too great and perfect because you’re able to move on and learn from your lessons.


“Forgiveness should never be mistaken for foolishness”.


One thing I have to stress is that forgiveness should never be mistaken for foolishness. Just because you have forgiven someone for their wrongdoing doesn’t mean that you have to accept them back into your life or put up with their wrongs. Kicking them to the kerb may actually benefit your life and make way for better things to come. I hear it all the time, “oh I forgave him/her so he/she is back in my life” for instance. OK but who said forgiveness meant accepting what was and is wrong?


I have to add that forgiveness does not mean lack of punishment. I say this in the sense that just because you forgive doesn’t mean that you are condoning their actions or negative behaviour towards you. It’s like someone robbing you, you forgive the person but you will still report them to the police and take the appropriate actions you need to.


So hey, at the end of the day it takes a strong person to continuously forgive, brush it off their shoulder and keep it moving like nothing happened but at the same time learning from their mistakes and lessons.


HettyAsh xx


A Very ‘Rome’ Awakening

Hey Ladies and Gents,


Sooo, it’s been such a long while since I published a post! Yikes, that’s so bad, I’m so sorry. Sometimes life gets on top of you and before you realise you’re like wow it’s been at least three weeks since I last posted something.


My friend celebrated her birthday last week in style as she went on a weekend trip to Rome and invited some of her friends to come along, including me, which I’m so grateful for.


Rome was such an interesting experience –  a very different holiday to the ones I usually go on which generally either involve shopping or laying on a beach in some uber cool and super hot country or Island. Rome was different, it was more about exploring the interesting history it had encased in Italy’s capital city. We visited some major attractions such as the Colosseum. Standing on the ground floor and looking up at what was left of the Colosseum was an amazing experience and just made me think, “wow human beings built this without using machines or any of the technology we have now and all in 8 years”. The attraction was massive – absolutely huge to say the least. To add, all the buildings in Rome were pretty much ginormous and as a tallish female person I finally understood how ants feel as I felt exactly like an ant…tiny.


The buildings, structures, attractions and museums we viewed, such as The Wedding Cake, made me think of life; your life is only as big as how big your mind is. If you limit yourself to think that you’re only capable of certain things then that will be your story. On the other hand, if you believe that you can accomplish and achieve great things, you will, and you will become famous for them. Although we’re all physically living, we’re not actually all living. Living doesn’t necessarily refer to going on holidays, partying, experiencing various relationships etc. it means living and fulfilling your dreams, ambitions, goals and whatever it is that will make you shine bright like a diamond.
I would say that Rome is in a sense similar to London in terms of the food, people and transportation. However, Rome is also different to London because its buildings are enormous, the people are different and the reasons behind visiting Rome as compared to London would most likely be very different – yeah an oxymoron right?
All in all, if ordinary or what was considered as less than ordinary people could build the Colosseum in 8 years which after all these centuries still stands strong and has survived natural disasters i.e. earthquakes, then imagine how far these people’s capabilities reached? In the end, it’s not about how people view you, but it’s about how you view yourself. We should aim to be like said buildings, be strong and although disasters may come our way, we only let it bounce of us so that it leaves a scar as a reminder of where we came from but as strength that we will overcome. OK I’m cringing a little bit here, but you get my drift, at least I hope so.