CreatHers Event – Reflection of 20.8.17

Hi all, I’ve been away for a few weeks as I was so busy organising the second CreatHers event which took place on Sunday the 20th of August 2017. It was stressful which I’m sure you can imagine as planning events are generally quite hectic. I planned the first event with the help of someone, but this time, I organised the event entirely on my own. It was a scary experience but I’m glad I did it.

Event Rundown

The event was all about envisioning ones dreams and goals for the future which enabled guests to create their own vision boards. This section if the event helped guests to reflect upon what they aspire to have and what they dream of becoming in the future.

female networking event


We had an incredible host called Talisa Wallace who manages multiple projects including creating an app and investing in business ventures.

vision board party

vision board party

We had incredible vendors who showcased their products and services that were also available to purchase. You definitely need to have a look at their websites as their businesses are very unique and bespoke.

cideas CreatHers Chevz Cases CreatHers The Lost Grad, CreatHers moreintome CreatHers Joli, CreatHersOur main sponsors were Heavenly Rainbow Cupcakes and Popcorn Kitchen. I saw people digging into the chocolate popcorn and the sweet flavour….mmmmm. The cupcakes were delightful. I particularly loved the oreo cupcakes which had oreo biscuit on the base. Zereena, founder of this cupcake brand supplied several flavours including tropical punch. It was so unique.

Guest Speakers at eventfemale networking event female networking event

The guest speakers did a fantastic job. Guests kept referring back to how amazing it was that the speakers shared their journeys into their respective fields, were honest and gave a real insight into their personal experiences.


Popcorn Kitchen

Popcorn Kitchen CreatHers

Heavenly Rainbow Cupcakes

Heavenly Rainbow Cupcakes, CreatHers



Chevz Cases Vendor, CreatHers cideas Vendor CreatHers moreintome Vendor CreatHers Shopjoil Vendor, CreatHers The Lost Grad Vendor CreatHers

Guest speakers

Kandise Abiola – freelance TV producer

Lauren Kay – celebrity, commercial & advertising makeup, hair and body paint artist

Ronke Lawal – PR consultant and founder of Ariatu PR

guest speakers at event

Feedback from Guest

You know what? I think I’m talking too much. Below is feedback from one of our beautiful guests:

A memorable day for me. Ladies I didn’t know what to expect when invited to this event, but I must say I am thankful that I didn’t turn it down. This day was an amazing experience full of fun, laughter, lots of motivation, uplifting, inspiring and something I don’t get to witness everyday, women all in one room showing so much support, love,care, interaction and confidence. I am impressed by the detail that was put into organising this event which was very well presented, thought out and proof that we can all get along.

This CreatHers Event helps you to broaden your horizons and tap into your inner core, which some of us don’t get to do sometimes because of the everyday hustle and bustle of life. It helps direct you to focus on the things that you want/need in life and helps you to build a structure, a foundation for the things in your life, what you’d like to see in your life and what you really believe in. Even though this event was put together for young women Entrepreneurs, I really do believe this would benefit all types of woman of all ages because of its purpose. From the warmth and laughter that filled up the room, to the motivational speakers, the vision boards, refreshments provided and the networking.

For some women they wouldn’t necessarily know where to start or don’t even have the support they need in order to start their dreams/visions, this has opened up a door to many. We are living in such a microwaved world, full of control, idol, jealousy, envy, judgement, when in true fact there’s a slice of the cake for everyone!!!! Yes everyone can be successful!!!

From Melanie Ryan

Thank you so much Melanie!

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