X Factor Semi Finals 2017

Hi lovelies,


I went to watch the X Factor Semi Finals in the studio and it was a fabulous experience. The studio was buzzing with excited fans, audience members and loving family and friends of the contestants.

X Factor Semi Finals 2017

Everyone was shouting, dancing and clapping throughout the show. The atmosphere is certainly different from watching the competition at home with my brother. I went to see the show with said sibling and he absolutely loved it. He enjoyed watching the performances and was so excited to go to the VIP area in the hopes of meeting some of the contestants and congratulating them.

X Factor Semi Finals 2017

Watching the show in the studio was uplifting as somehow you can see how badly the contestants want to win. The venue is full of hope, ambition and aspirations. Those performing are living their dreams and you can tell they don’t want to wake up. My brother gets me to vote for Rak-Su and The Cutkelvins every weekend. I love the bands and so does he. They are unique and there is definitely a gap in the market for them. I believe that they will make a career out of this after the show ends.

The show goes so quickly when you’re watching as part of the studio audience, compared to being at home.

My brother met Dermot O’Leary which he was excited about. He was staring at him as he was walking past, AJ (my brother) said “Hi Dermot”, and he responded which was nice. We also met 1/3 of The Cutkelvins who spoke to us briefly and we told him that they were doing really well.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the show so unfortunately I don’t have many pictures to show you guys, but at least you get a feel of what the studio is like.

I got two tickets to see the X Factor as I was working at Thames TV, the production company that produces the show in collaboration with Syco (the production company Simon Cowell founded). You can also book tickets to be part of the studio audience for shows such as the X Factor via Applause Store. It’s completely free.

X Factor Semi Finals 2017

HettyAsh xx