A Very ‘Rome’ Awakening

Hey Ladies and Gents,


Sooo, it’s been such a long while since I published a post! Yikes, that’s so bad, I’m so sorry. Sometimes life gets on top of you and before you realise you’re like wow it’s been at least three weeks since I last posted something.


My friend celebrated her birthday last week in style as she went on a weekend trip to Rome and invited some of her friends to come along, including me, which I’m so grateful for.


Rome was such an interesting experience –  a very different holiday to the ones I usually go on which generally either involve shopping or laying on a beach in some uber cool and super hot country or Island. Rome was different, it was more about exploring the interesting history it had encased in Italy’s capital city. We visited some major attractions such as the Colosseum. Standing on the ground floor and looking up at what was left of the Colosseum was an amazing experience and just made me think, “wow human beings built this without using machines or any of the technology we have now and all in 8 years”. The attraction was massive – absolutely huge to say the least. To add, all the buildings in Rome were pretty much ginormous and as a tallish female person I finally understood how ants feel as I felt exactly like an ant…tiny.


The buildings, structures, attractions and museums we viewed, such as The Wedding Cake, made me think of life; your life is only as big as how big your mind is. If you limit yourself to think that you’re only capable of certain things then that will be your story. On the other hand, if you believe that you can accomplish and achieve great things, you will, and you will become famous for them. Although we’re all physically living, we’re not actually all living. Living doesn’t necessarily refer to going on holidays, partying, experiencing various relationships etc. it means living and fulfilling your dreams, ambitions, goals and whatever it is that will make you shine bright like a diamond.
I would say that Rome is in a sense similar to London in terms of the food, people and transportation. However, Rome is also different to London because its buildings are enormous, the people are different and the reasons behind visiting Rome as compared to London would most likely be very different – yeah an oxymoron right?
All in all, if ordinary or what was considered as less than ordinary people could build the Colosseum in 8 years which after all these centuries still stands strong and has survived natural disasters i.e. earthquakes, then imagine how far these people’s capabilities reached? In the end, it’s not about how people view you, but it’s about how you view yourself. We should aim to be like said buildings, be strong and although disasters may come our way, we only let it bounce of us so that it leaves a scar as a reminder of where we came from but as strength that we will overcome. OK I’m cringing a little bit here, but you get my drift, at least I hope so.