Toddler Trends For The Winter Weather

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

By now I know you’ve all felt the chill of the winter weather.

If you’re anything like me you love dressing your little ones and you’re constantly thinking of how to keep them warm whilst looking stylist.

For this type of weather you really don’t need much to make your toddler look good.

Here are some key essential items of clothing that must be in your collection.

Body Warmer

A body warmer instantly keeps your toddler warm, whilst adding style to their outfit.


Corduroy Trousers

Some corduroy trousers, I keep a few of these in different colours such as, blue, mustard and burgundy. I love these winter colours, and I love the warmth provided by this style of trousers.


Jumpers and Sweaters

Jumpers and sweaters, to nicely pair with the corduroy trousers. You don’t really want a thick jumpers because if your toddler is like mine, they easily get overheated and uncomfortable when they are draped in too much fabric. So I really appreciate sweaters, they provide the right level of heat, whilst looking good with a pair of trousers.


Trainers or Boots

A pair of trainers or boots completes each outfit, depending on the look you’re going with. When I want the casual look, I dressed my toddler in trainers, which I usually buy from Gap, and when I want something a little more sophisticated, I dress him up in Dr Martins.


Hat, Scarf and Gloves

Hat, scarf and gloves, if you’re planning on taking your toddler to a play date, which is mostly outdoors. I usually go for a multi coloured look. It brightens up your toddler and brings some colour to the dull weather outside.


A coat or a body warmer is crucial in keeping your toddler warm and very stylish this winter season. Some may well know baby stores have really trendy coats and body warmers to match your toddlers style and overall look.


I hope these simple but stylish trends will keep your toddler warm no matter how much the temperature drops.

Here are some of the look I have written about modelled by my toddler.


xo Asiabee


Zachariah’s Fashion Trends For Summer

Hey party people as you all know, every once in a while my 19month old son gets a feature on our blog.

Today he is bringing you his summer styles.

All White Everything

I know most people think I’m crazy for dressing Zachariah in all white. But I absolutely love this colour on him and cannot resist dressing him up in this ensemble. It is simply white jeans paired with a white a polo vest and blue jeans coloured sandals. This type of outfit is perfect for a late night dinner.

 Earn Your Stripes

I love this outfit for the simplicity of it and the comfortability. It’s my go to outfit when Zachariah and I are heading out for a play date with our friends or if we are going to a casual restaurant. I pair this outfit with red stroppy sandals, which gives the outfit a fun filled summer look.

 The American Dream

This casual look really let’s you know it’s summer. Your little one can stay cool with this cool vest and denim jeans paired with sandals. This outfit can be worn for family days out at the Zoo or just strolling to the park.

Bringing Back The Braces

I love braces especially for toddlers. It can automatically dress up any outfit or in this case it can bring a quirky look for a casual outfit. So here we paired up these braced jeans with a vest top and comfy shoes. This brings out Zachariah’s individuality and sense of style. This outfit can be worn on a day out feeding ducks or anything of that nature.

Grandad Swag

I love this outfit. I think dressing up babies more older than they are is a fun expression of style and quirkiness. Here we have dark brown/orange trousers, which has been put together with a stripe shirt with a black bow tie and then a waistcoat to complete the whole outfit. This outfit can be worn for special birthdays and going to  Church, I like to call it Sunday’s finest.

 xo Asiabee


Zach’s Fashion World

This post is all about this adorable and cute toddler. Zach knows how to work it even when he doesn’t mean to and instead of me waffling on and boring you guys to sleep, I thought, hey, why not give you guys some inspiration on dressing up lil tots! 

The floor is yours Zach!


Teddy And Me

Cutiepies! Wear a matching patterned shirt with smart cotton trousers and he’ll be the prince of the castle. Oh, don’t forget his adorable accessory, his one and only teddy!


Playful Daffodils

Cute Tots! They are one of a kind, except all tots love to play in the grass with beautiful daffodils, don’t they? Pair a onesie or dungaree with a colourful jumper and you’r bound to sparkle like the sun.

Vroom Vroom – Checkmate!

OK so babies are not matured enough to play chess, but they can still have an amazing time riding along in the car with their mums and dads. Dress your tot in an open buttoned check shirt with cotton trousers and you’re good to go.




HettyAsh xx


Asiabee’s Spring Fashion Trends For Kids

Lace Less Trainers

Children are always on the go, so why not put on some lace less trainers which can be worn by a boy or a girl. Just look out for the style and colour which suites your child’s look and personality.

Trench Coats

If you thought trench coats were only for adults, you thought wrong. In fact, they provide coverage from the rain and they come in various colours and prints, if your child is daring enough. 

Safari and Military Style Prints

Combat trousers and traditional military khakis are a must have. Take these war looks from the frontline and incorporate them into your child’s fashion sense by dressing them up or down.


Head accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit. Find your style in bows, sparkles and jewels. With the winter hats happily behind us, let’s move forward with cute hair accessories.


xo Asiabee