CreatHers Event – Reflection of 20.8.17

Hi all, I’ve been away for a few weeks as I was so busy organising the second CreatHers event which took place on Sunday the 20th of August 2017. It was stressful which I’m sure you can imagine as planning events are generally quite hectic. I planned the first event with the help of someone, but this time, I organised the event entirely on my own. It was a scary experience but I’m glad I did it.

Event Rundown

The event was all about envisioning ones dreams and goals for the future which enabled guests to create their own vision boards. This section if the event helped guests to reflect upon what they aspire to have and what they dream of becoming in the future.

female networking event


We had an incredible host called Talisa Wallace who manages multiple projects including creating an app and investing in business ventures.

vision board party

vision board party

We had incredible vendors who showcased their products and services that were also available to purchase. You definitely need to have a look at their websites as their businesses are very unique and bespoke.

cideas CreatHers Chevz Cases CreatHers The Lost Grad, CreatHers moreintome CreatHers Joli, CreatHersOur main sponsors were Heavenly Rainbow Cupcakes and Popcorn Kitchen. I saw people digging into the chocolate popcorn and the sweet flavour….mmmmm. The cupcakes were delightful. I particularly loved the oreo cupcakes which had oreo biscuit on the base. Zereena, founder of this cupcake brand supplied several flavours including tropical punch. It was so unique.

Guest Speakers at eventfemale networking event female networking event

The guest speakers did a fantastic job. Guests kept referring back to how amazing it was that the speakers shared their journeys into their respective fields, were honest and gave a real insight into their personal experiences.


Popcorn Kitchen

Popcorn Kitchen CreatHers

Heavenly Rainbow Cupcakes

Heavenly Rainbow Cupcakes, CreatHers



Chevz Cases Vendor, CreatHers cideas Vendor CreatHers moreintome Vendor CreatHers Shopjoil Vendor, CreatHers The Lost Grad Vendor CreatHers

Guest speakers

Kandise Abiola – freelance TV producer

Lauren Kay – celebrity, commercial & advertising makeup, hair and body paint artist

Ronke Lawal – PR consultant and founder of Ariatu PR

guest speakers at event

Feedback from Guest

You know what? I think I’m talking too much. Below is feedback from one of our beautiful guests:

A memorable day for me. Ladies I didn’t know what to expect when invited to this event, but I must say I am thankful that I didn’t turn it down. This day was an amazing experience full of fun, laughter, lots of motivation, uplifting, inspiring and something I don’t get to witness everyday, women all in one room showing so much support, love,care, interaction and confidence. I am impressed by the detail that was put into organising this event which was very well presented, thought out and proof that we can all get along.

This CreatHers Event helps you to broaden your horizons and tap into your inner core, which some of us don’t get to do sometimes because of the everyday hustle and bustle of life. It helps direct you to focus on the things that you want/need in life and helps you to build a structure, a foundation for the things in your life, what you’d like to see in your life and what you really believe in. Even though this event was put together for young women Entrepreneurs, I really do believe this would benefit all types of woman of all ages because of its purpose. From the warmth and laughter that filled up the room, to the motivational speakers, the vision boards, refreshments provided and the networking.

For some women they wouldn’t necessarily know where to start or don’t even have the support they need in order to start their dreams/visions, this has opened up a door to many. We are living in such a microwaved world, full of control, idol, jealousy, envy, judgement, when in true fact there’s a slice of the cake for everyone!!!! Yes everyone can be successful!!!

From Melanie Ryan

Thank you so much Melanie!

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Hetty xx


CreatHers Event August 2017

CreatHers Event August 2017

Hi ladies, I’m excited to announce that I’m organising the next CreatHers Event along with a friend of mine who also works in the media industry! The first event was an absolutely success. It was a success because many of our guests gave positive feedback which was more than what I could ask for. The next event will be on the 20th of August 2017.

CreatHers Feedback CreatHers Feedback CreatHers Feedback

There will be a vision board party which will give guests the opportunity to create their own unique career related vision boards with the help of magazines. We will have three guest speakers from the media and wider creative industry. So ensure you are kept up to date on the event as the line up is revealed. The last part of the event will be a networking section which will give guests the opportunity to expand their network, promote their brands, businesses, and self. There will also be vendors on the day from unique brands so ensure you bring cash so that you don’t miss out on the goodies.

There are a limited number of exclusive spaces available. Tickets are already live via Eventbrite and there are early bird tickets. The early bird tickets are the only discount that will be available so book  your space before it’s too late.

Read how the first event went in April 2017.

If you would like to sponsor the event or be a vendor do get in touch by emailing us at

To book your ticket visit this link: CreatHers Event August 2017.

Don’t miss out on attending the UK’s only vision board party.


HettyAsh xx




CreatHers: Envision My Dreams Event Highlights

CreatHers: Envision My Dreams Event Highlights

Hey lovelies,


The CreatHers event has finally happened. All we have heard since the event is how brilliant it was and that it looked like so much money had been spent on the event. People were approaching us asking about whether we would be doing another event. I am so happy about what we have achieved. Thank you to all who came.

Myself and the co-organiser wanted to create an event where we could arrange for female creatives and entrepreneurs to be in one building. The notion was to enable females to network and potentially collaborate with like-minded individuals.


I believe we both have come across so many professionals who have started their own brands and businesses. They want to be the next generation of visionaries making waves. Hence, we created the opportunity for small brands and start-ups to attend the event as vendors, thus allowing them to sell their products and services.




Vendors and Sponsors

The vendors we had at the event were:

Consult Nessy


KOKO Maria

The Soap Connoisseur

They are all very different and unique brands. I even bought a pair of spectacular sunglasses from XseeLense. I witnessed people cueing up to look at their products and purchase items from them.


The networking area looked stunning. The sponsors we had did incredibly well through their displays, treat tables, designs and backdrops. These were supplied to us by Boateng Events, Sparkle and Sequin Events, Cakes by Shenna Darcheville, Glance Cupcakes and Leopard and Bows Events. We had the privilege of being sponsored by major brands, including Propercorn and Candy Kittens. For the full list of our sponsors visit my Instagram post.

The fabulous goodie bags included wonderful hair and skin care products courtesy of Pure Goodness and discount vouchers from Hair-iD VHS and Hustle and Heels.

We also had two amazing spoken word artists, Stephanie Ampofo and POAMZ. They spoke about the value we should place on ourselves as women.

Industry Panel Discussion

We had three specific topics that were centred around the industry panel discussion.


On the panel were the following:

Joanna Abeyie – broadcast and print journalist and founder of Hyden Talent

Vaby and Joanne – Nunude, skin coloured clothing brand

Jen Scott & Jay Tav – Hustle and Heels events and Hair-iD Virgin Hair Specialists

Jade Keshia Gordon – JKG Photography


Topics Discussed

  1. How one can launch a career within a competitive industry and stay relevant, whilst gaining continuous work.
  2. The Importance of branding and marketing.
  3. Networking and maintaining relationships.

I wish I could state in detail everything that was discussed but unfortunately, I can’t. The panelists had a wealth of knowledge which they so kindly shared with our guests.


Research and Launching a Career


First and foremost, think about what you’re passionate about and think about what you have to offer. There are many people doing one thing but nobody can do it like you.


Jen & Jay researched extensively before starting their events and hair brand. Research is not only what you find online or read in books, but research can be much more practical. They went to America to conduct research there. They said that even if you’re working for someone else and you don’t want to, be thankful as they are investing in you. They are funding your business and training you.


The Importance of Branding


Branding is very crucial. It is how people can know what you’re about in an instant and differentiate you from the next brand. It is important to find specific colours for your brand which are known as Html colour codes. Whatever colours you choose, ensure to stick to them. Establish your brand and publish it on various mediums such as business cards, flyers, t-shirts and posters.


Always ensure you have some form of business cards on your person wherever you go. Lack of finances is not an excuse to not have business cards. There are websites which create unique and professional cards for affordable rates, such as Vistaprint and Moo. You can also use your home printer or go to internet cafes.


Joanna spoke about her change and transition from one company to another, within the same industry but on the opposite spectrum. She had to change her approach and her target audience, including what she would post on her social media platforms. It is important that you are consistent in every area of your brand.


Networking and Maintaining Relationships


Jade spoke about treating people how you would like to be treated. Imagine going into a shop, how would you like the sales assistants to treat you? People talk whether it’s good or bad. You may provide a service to someone that was great. They may not use you again, but they will certainly talk to others about you and their associates will come to you.


Social media is not necessarily the best way to promote and market your brand. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to go out on the streets, hand out flyers and talk to people. Additionally, find out what social media platform works best for your brand, some of your customers may not use Twitter for instance.


Joanne and Vaby spoke of their customer base and how important it is to request for feedback. If a customer returns an item they want to know why, why have they returned it? Why didn’t they like it? They are more concerned about the customers that don’t come back than the customers that do.


Final Notes


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are times when you may need someone to help you with your project but can’t afford to pay them at that time. Ask them for help and tell them that you will repay them. It might not be in a financial way but in a form of a favour.


Everyone hears negative voices that may attempt to bring them down or discourage them. Don’t entertain these thoughts, whether they are voices in your head, friends and family projecting negativity or even strangers.


Have tunnel vision, it’s not very often that you will hear someone say this. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you are not distracted by other businesses and what they do.


Boss ladies who came to the event, what did you think of it?


Visionaries who didn’t attend the event, what do you make of these notes? What are your thoughts?


Photographer: ry_1shot and guests

HettyAsh xx


CreatHers Event – Guest Speakers, Early Bird Tickets and More, 23.4.17

CreatHers Event – Guest Speakers, Early Bird Tickets and More, 23.4.17

This is for the creative, professional and ambitious ladies out there!

How are you girls doing?

I have to say that I’m so excited about the CreatHers: Envision My Dreams event. It will be a three hour, power packing, fun jerking, career focused event for female creatives, entrepreneurs and business women.

It will be held at a fancy hotel in Blackfriars, London on the 23rd of April at 4pm until 7pm. Doors will open at 3pm and close at 4:45pm.

This fabulous, ambitious and exciting event is specifically for those who want to network, collaborate and envision their own ambitions and goals within their career.

The networking segment will be the perfect opportunity to build contacts and network with likeminded individuals, sharing your experiences, career journey and everything in between. There will be performances by two amazing spoken word artists known as, Stephanie Ampofo and POAMZ. There will also be a singer with an incredible voice called Diamantina.

I have frequently been asked what a vision board party is so here’s my go at explaining it as concise as possible. A vision board party is where people get together in a form of an event and create their own unique vision board to help them undertake their goals, plans and ambitions for the near future. It usually consists of magazine cut outs, pictures and sometimes specific items and materials. The purpose is to assist you in enacting your future plans in an organised, efficient and fun way.

There will be a vibrant and energetic DJ, known as DJ ST. She is the station manager at Roundhouse Radio and has previously worked for Capital Xtra and Reprezent Radio.

Of course, we had to have an industry panel sharing their nuggets of wisdom on the day. The aim is for each guest speaker to be able to provide a different outtake and perspective to a variety of creative industries.

Our guest speakers are:

Joanna Abeyie – Journalist and founder of award winning Hyden Talent and Shine Media. Joanna is a true inspiration. Have a look at her Twitter profile to find out more on the programmes and masterclasses including the BBC Journalism Workshop. I remember attending one of her ‘An Audience With’ events. It was so insightful and inspiring. I attended the ‘An Audience With Sir Trevor McDonald’. How amazing!

Vaby and Joanne – founders of Nunude, a brand that provides clothing for all skin tones.These ladies are amazing. These businesswomen saw a niche and a demand in the fashion industry that just had to be filled. Not only do they work to ensure that nude coloured clothing is nude for all shades, but they also champion diversity within their campaigns.

Jen and Jay – founders of Hustle & Heels Ladies Lunch and Hair-iD Virgin Hair Specialists. These ladies are really making waves. They host their own unique events where they bring together female professionals in a relaxed restaurant environment to have lunch whilst learning from industry leaders. They also own an online hair boutique that specialises in pure, unprocessed virgin hair extensions and installation techniques.

Jade Keshia Gordan – freelance fashion and beauty photographer and creator of JKG Photography. Jade knows how to work the camera. Her work has been featured on Thrds, Cosmopolitan and Elle. She photographs social media influencers and big names in the blogging sector. Although photography is a very competitive industry, she has been able to make a name for herself and succeed, not only as a photographer but as a freelancer also.

Each guest who purchases a general admission/early bird ticket will receive the entire benefits of the event, including a goodie bag each and the chance to participate in not one, not two but a minimum of three giveaways!

Did I mention there will be free confectionery and a bar available?

Oh, yes, you read right, there are early bird tickets on offer, but only until Wednesday the 12th of April. There are limited spaces available so ladies, grab your tickets whilst they’re still available.

Tickets can be purchased here


HettyAsh xx


CreatHers: Envision My Dreams Tickets

CreatHers: Envision My Dreams Tickets

Hi ladies!


I am so excited to let you all know that tickets are out now for the CreatHers: Envision My Dreams event. It will be held next month on April the 23rd at 4pm.

This event is for female professionals, entrepreneurs and businesswomen who want to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals. There will be guest speakers, freebies and giveaways.

To purchase a ticket and find out more click here