Shades of Brown and Fiercely Red

Hi guys! I love wearing brown. It suits my skin complexion. I feel like I could wear almost anything within reason and still look OK in it as long as it’s brown. Red in another favourite colour of mine. It stands out, it goes with a lot of other colours and most girls are infatuated by the vibrancy behind the colour red. How can you not be?

brown outfit, with a red jacket

I call this look – ‘shades of brown and fiercely red’. I feel fierce wearing this look because of the rich colour of brown and the bold red colour.


I’m wearing an animal print tunic top that has a tie around the neck and gathers. It gives it a more relaxed and loose look.

brown outfit, with a red jacket

The ¾ length brown trousers is also loose fitted. I love the material as it’s so comfortable.

These heels is one of my favourite as it’s a lot more comfortable than most heels. It has a cushion on the soles and although it is pointed, it is wide fitted for people who have wide feet.

brown outfit, with a red jacket

My jacket is waist length and is great for summer. It’s bright and smart and when it’s slightly cold, I can wear it to keep me warm.

red jacket and animal print

I love handbags that I can literally wear everyday. I guess that’s why they’re called the everyday handbag. The straps are detachable so I can hold the bag using it’s handles or use it as a crossover.

My fashion tip is to be bold when it comes to colours but not too bold that the colours are a complete mismatch. Animal print an brown colours go well with red. Pink heels can be the perfect combination when it comes to brown and red. I know – surprising.

everyday handbag

So there you have it,


‘Shades of Brown and Fiercely Red’.


HettyAsh xx


The First Half Pleated Skirt

Hi lovelies! In London the weather is absolutely amazing. It has been so sunny and warm throughout the weekend. What better way to enjoy the sun than to be outside living it up in the park, or seated outside at a café or chilling in the beach?

I really like this outfit I wore. At first, when I bought this particular skirt, I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t know if it would suit me and I didn’t know whether I had a top to match it. It’s definitely a unique skirt and one that confused me slightly. Maybe I’m over exaggerating but I literally saw the skirt and thought, ‘wow that looks different’, so I picked it up and bought it without much thought. It’s rare that I will find an item of clothing and just instantly like it. Nonetheless, I like different things, I enjoy standing out and always try to dress up in a way that others don’t.

Half Pleated Skirt, NEXT, Sandals, ALDO, Sheer pussy bow tie top, New Look

I went with a friend to the infamous The Shard in London Bridge and dined at Lang, an artisan cake shop inside, Shangri La-Hotel. I definitely have to go back there as I enjoyed the time that I spent; it was relaxing, posh and serene.

I’ve had this top for years – literally years and it never seems to disappoint. It is a sheer black top with stars decorated across it and a pussy bow tie. It has a classy and smart look and goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. So if you’re style is like mine, something like this might just be for you.

Half Pleated Skirt, NEXT, Sandals, ALDO

The skirt! I have really fallen in love with it. It is half pleated and has a contrasting black and orange colour. It’s loosely fitted and is mid length. This is the first half pleated skirt I have ever seen so I just had to grab it when I saw it. I haven’t yet seen anyone walking around with it so for now I’m safe as I don’t like wearing items that everyone else seems to be wearing.

Half Pleated Skirt, NEXT, Sandals, ALDO

The heeled sandals with the tie detail is actually more comfortable than it may look. It’s probably about 4 inches and has a slim heel. I usually don’t wear heels that high and slim but they are so gorgeous.

Half Pleated Skirt, NEXT, Sandals, ALDO, Sheer pussy bow tie top, New Look

The heels certainly compliment the skirt.

Half pleated skirt – Next

Top – New Look

Heeled sandals – Aldo

What do you think of the half pleated skirt look? Do you own any?


HettyAsh xx


Lady in Red – The Look

Lady in Red – The Look

Hi girls,

Lady in red! Where have I heard that statement before? Sometimes we can get so caught up in not wanting to wear a bright top and a pair of bright trousers of the same colour. It’s easy to think that you will end up walking around the streets looking like a clown. That doesn’t have to be the case, particularly if you match them correctly.

Usually when people pair items of clothing together, they wear a pair of trousers with a matching jacket and a different coloured top to even it all out. I do that also, but I don’t make a habit of it. When it comes to fashion, I find habits to be a bit boring. I love to mix up my outfits and stand out from the crowd. I’m not one for wearing what everyone else is wearing.

Once you find your unique style, stick to it and adapt it as fashion grows and develops. It is also great to try something out of the norm, something you might not wear, a statement piece that you wouldn’t look twice at, as that outfit might fit you better than anyone else in the room.

I chose to wear a strawberry peplum top with a red frill zip palazzo trousers. Palazzo trousers are definitely on trend right now and a lot of the major high street brands have incorporated these bottoms into their collections.

I love these trousers as they have a slight frill at the bottom. It was important to me that they weren’t too frilly as that isn’t my style.

The peplum top also has frills at the bottom, thus it gives the outfit a slightly symmetric look.

I love these heels. Love, love, love. They are suede and have a cute bow on them, plus they are block heels so which gives the outfit a different look. As my entire outfit is bright red, the grey heels really stands out. The perfect trousers for the perfect heels.

Strawberry peplum top, Next

Frill zip palazzo trousers, Topshop

Grey suede, block heels with bow, ASOS

What are your takes on this fashion look?

HettyAsh xx


CreatHers Event Rouge and Teal – The Look

CreatHers Event Rouge and Teal – The Look

A week later and the CreatHers: Envision My Dreams event is still on my mind! It was an exciting time for me as it was the first ever event that I co-founded and organised from start to finish. As much as it was an incredible experience, it was also a very busy one too. I was working full-time and rushed off my feet like I was being chased by a tornado.

This event had to have a name attached to it – it had to be the event where people would remember this occasion for its classiness, sophistication, maturity and vibrancy all at the same time. Well I hope so at least. For this reason, my outfit had to speak in volumes but for all the right reasons. This was definitely not the event for me to be walking into in tracksuits (I don’t actually wear tracksuits anyway).

Chantel from Chany Personal Shopper approached me and was like, ‘girl I’d like to style you for this event… you need to look fly’. Perhaps not in those exact words but close enough. It was certainly an offer I could not refuse, besides, I’ve never been styled before for anything, I’ve always styled myself.

I must say that as much as I love styling myself, having a personal shopper helped more than I would have ever realised. It took the strain of me from having to find my own outfit amidst all the chaos involving the event preparations. To add, it opened me to the endless possibilities of being introduced to various outfits I would have possibly never considered. Chantel, chose my teal coloured ¾ length jumpsuit and my perspex heels. We also discussed how I would wear my hair and what earrings I would put on.

I love jumpsuits, but I’ve never thought of wearing 3/4 length trousers of any kind before. This is primarily because it can make you look slightly frumpy and unflattering if not worn properly. This teal coloured jumpsuit is very comfortable, loose fitted and is the right length.

I love the symmetric shaped design at the top half and the bow in the middle. The pockets also really help to make the outfit as I love jumpsuits and dresses that have pockets in them. They are just so handy.

The heels are amazing! They are classy, unique, very fashionable and on trend. The perspex heels matched perfectly with this jumpsuit.

As much as the outfit looked great on its own, I certainly needed a classy coat to match. I absolutely adore this coat due to the colour, material and the quality of it. To me, it looks expensive. Did you know that dark green and red go together so perfectly?

I styled my hair and wore my earrings which I love and vuolah I was hitting those streets feeling uber-confident.

Ry_1shot, the photographer who took  these photos is incredible! He can turn what may look like an ordinary background into an extraordinary shot.

On another note, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that I love to create quotes and publish them on my page. One thought springs to mind, ‘It’s not how you look, it’s how you feel’.

What do you think of this outfit?

Photographer: @ry_1shot

Personal Shopper: @chany_personalshopper



HettyAsh xx


Elegantly Sophisticated – The Fashion Look

Elegantly Sophisticated – The Fashion Look

Hi girlies,

I am definitely that person who doesn’t necessarily follow fashion trends and always tries to wear things that are a little bit different and that stand out if possible. I generally try to choose comfort over everything at all times, because who said you can’t be comfortable and look fabulous at the same time?

I’m a massive Asos lover (I’m sure I’ve done a massive favour by showcasing so many of Asos’ clothing on this blog), but hey, a girl has got to stay true to herself, so here I am.

I attended my brother’s graduation ceremony and had to find something to wear. I came across this jumpsuit and couldn’t turn away from it even though it’s freezing cold and I would usually wear this kind of outfit in the evening. Well, as long as I threw on my fur coat over it, I was good to go – oh and warm at the same time.

I found this amazing navy blue satin one shoulder jumpsuit with a roll neck detail and a wide leg. I personally haven’t seen anyone wearing anything like this before so I had to buy it. I was a little hesitant on whether it would suit me or not but as soon as I wore it, I fell in love with it.

Although it is satin, it doesn’t appear to crease much and it is loosely fitted but at the same time doesn’t take away from my figure.


The best part is that it is a one shouldered jumpsuit with a roll neck detail. The arm is split and has a tie handle so that you can tie it around your wrist as you wish. I would suggest creating a bow detail as I think it just looks neater and more elegant.

I find that the roll neck detail is so lush! It definitely helps to make the look what it is because if you ask me, I would say that this jumpsuit is definitely for the more elegant and sophisticated woman. You don’t need to wear a plane jane square neck and sleeveless dress to be sophisticated, although I also like those.

The wide leg definitely finishes the look. It is ever so long, even for me as I’m 5 foot 7 and it was dragging across the floor. Most heels would go with this outfit but I would definitely say high heels would be the best option just because of how long the leg is. I would say a slim heel would look best rather than a chunky heel. If you’re daring you can wear baby pink heels or even bright yellow, but if you like to keep things simple, a classic black will do.

I hope I could offer some fashion inspiration in today’s post and if you do end up buying this jumpsuit i’d love to see how it looks on you!

Jumpsuit in Satin with One Shoulder and Roll Neck Detail, Asos – £50.00

HettyAsh xx