X Factor Semi Finals 2017

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I went to watch the X Factor Semi Finals in the studio and it was a fabulous experience. The studio was buzzing with excited fans, audience members and loving family and friends of the contestants.

X Factor Semi Finals 2017

Everyone was shouting, dancing and clapping throughout the show. The atmosphere is certainly different from watching the competition at home with my brother. I went to see the show with said sibling and he absolutely loved it. He enjoyed watching the performances and was so excited to go to the VIP area in the hopes of meeting some of the contestants and congratulating them.

X Factor Semi Finals 2017

Watching the show in the studio was uplifting as somehow you can see how badly the contestants want to win. The venue is full of hope, ambition and aspirations. Those performing are living their dreams and you can tell they don’t want to wake up. My brother gets me to vote for Rak-Su and The Cutkelvins every weekend. I love the bands and so does he. They are unique and there is definitely a gap in the market for them. I believe that they will make a career out of this after the show ends.

The show goes so quickly when you’re watching as part of the studio audience, compared to being at home.

My brother met Dermot O’Leary which he was excited about. He was staring at him as he was walking past, AJ (my brother) said “Hi Dermot”, and he responded which was nice. We also met 1/3 of The Cutkelvins who spoke to us briefly and we told him that they were doing really well.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the show so unfortunately I don’t have many pictures to show you guys, but at least you get a feel of what the studio is like.

I got two tickets to see the X Factor as I was working at Thames TV, the production company that produces the show in collaboration with Syco (the production company Simon Cowell founded). You can also book tickets to be part of the studio audience for shows such as the X Factor via Applause Store. It’s completely free.

X Factor Semi Finals 2017

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GUBA Awards 2017 Awarding Excellence

GUBA Awards 2017 Awarding Excellence

Hi guys,


I attended the 6th annual GUBA awards on Saturday the 3rd of June as part of the press team. The awards ceremony was attended by an array of media personalities and notable individuals. These included MP Dianne Abbott, Iain Walker – British High Commissioner to Ghana, X Factor finalists Reggie n Bollie and BBC’s The Apprentice series 12 contestant Samuel Boateng to name a few.


The GUBA Awards is otherwise known as the Ghana UK Based Awards. It is a non-profit business and innovation award set up to acknowledge, celebrate and support Ghanaian based businesses and individuals in the UK. As the annual ceremony has grown the event has opened to a much wider audience. Regardless of your race, if you attain a business or charity background and have conducted projects in the UK with relation to Ghana you too could get involved in the awards ceremony. If you simply want to celebrate as a guest and enjoy a night of celebratory success then be sure to look out for the next event. The events are held annually.


The awards was founded by Dentaa Amoateng MBE who is a British-Ghanaian entrepreneur, actress, TV presenter, singer, producer and manager.

Dentaa GUBA

GUBA’s 6th annual awards ceremony was held in June 2017 and celebrated Ghana at 60. The hosts were the utterly hilarious comedian Eddie Kadi and well known Ghanaian entrepreneur, TV and radio presenter Anita Erskine.

It is evident that Dentaa is very passionate about her Ghanaian community. She wants awards such as GUBA to inspire and motivate others to pursue their ambitions and know that if others have done it so can they. Amidst the news reports of high levels of stabbings amongst young boys in London over the last few months, Dentaa said,


I want black boys to know that they can make it, look at Anthony Joshua [who went] from drugs  and prison to a multi-millionaire boxer.


During the ceremony, a video from His Excellency – Nana Akufo-Addo, the President of the Republic of Ghana was played to the audience.


I have been a keen follower of the activities of GUBA and I must say they have done a brilliant job especially in helping to consolidate the economic, social and tourism link between the UK and Ghana. We should all stand ready to support GUBA.


There were other notable videos that were played at the ceremony from veteran British broadcaster, Jon Snow and former First Lady, Cherie Blaire.


Amongst the recognitions and awards that were awarded on the night was the Outstanding Achievement Award that was given to Chris Hughton. He had been appointed the role of the manager of the football club, Brighton & Hove Albion FC. Chris had done amazingly well by leading the club to its promotion from the championship into the premier league this year.


Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom (pictured below in the middle), is a business consultant and leader of one of Ghana’s largest political party – Progressive People’s Party (PPP). The prestigious award for excellence in business was awarded to Dr. Nduom by Warner Rootliep, the general manager of UK & Ireland AirFrance KLM. He certainly deserved to win the biggest award of the night for his businesses in the banking, finance, hospitality and media industries.

Dr-Nduom-middle, Christ Houghton etc

I spoke to Samuel Boateng, BBC’s The Apprentice series 12 contestant on what it meant for him to be a nominee for Business Start Up of the Year. He simply spoke of wanting to give recognition to the Ghanaian UK business and help others like himself.

Samuel Boateng and wife GUBA Awards

The GUBA Black Star Awardees 

Maidie Arkutu – Female Influential Leader Apostle

Kwadwo Safo – Innovative Pioneer

Anas Aremeyaw Anas – Exceptional Journalist

Michael K. Obeng – Humanitarian Spirit

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom – Excellence in Business, Ghana

Mr & Mrs Mensah (Uncle John’s Bakery) – Enterprising Business Award

Kwaku Oteng – Outstanding Industrialist

Dr Kofi Amoa-Abban – Young Oil & Gas Entrepreneur Kelvin Doe – Young African Innovator

Dr Nii Dzani – Influential Economist

Dr Jason Sarfo-Annin – Student Achiever of the Year

Mrs Ivy Manly-Spain – Female Excellence in Oil and Gas Award

Chris Hughton – Outstanding Achievement Award

For a list of the GUBA award winners visit the official website, gubaawards.co.uk. If you’re an aspiring business owner, entrepreneur or media personality check out the nominees, winners and guests who attended the event and follow them for inspiration and advice.

The ceremony was a fun, energetic and entertaining way to recognise those individuals, brands, organisations and charities alike, not just through heart warming speeches but also through performances and a live band.

GUBA Awards Band

three masked men on stage GUBA Awards

I must state that the outfits that both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians wore to the event were incredible. They were filled with colour, life and culture.

GUBA Awards 17

GUBA Awards 17

GUBA Awards 17

GUBA Awards 17 HettyAsh

GUBA Awards 17

Claire Clottey GUBA Awards


Keep up to date with my events tab for news on events I organise and host for media creatives and entrepreneurs.

HettyAsh xx


Creative Access, Expectation Entertainment, CreatHers

Creative Access, Expectation Entertainment, CreatHers

Hi all,

I have heard many people exclaim that they are not where they want to be and that they are certainly not working in the industry they are actually passionate about. As cliche as this may sound, nothing is impossible. If you truly have the desire to achieve something, you can. However, it takes a lot of research, perseverance and self-belief to make a dream come into fruition.

I am a freelance television production and development researcher. I am currently working at Expectation Entertainment, which is a new production company founded by a former ITV director of television and a previous president of Endemol Shine Group. In general, I conduct research and develop formats and ideas for broadcast and digital shows.

My career thus far has consisted of me working on popular factual entertainment programmes for major broadcasters including, Channel 4, ITV, BBC One and E4.

I initially heard about Creative Access via a friend who also works in television. I cannot express enough how glad I am to have been told about this charity as it really helped to further progress my career. Nonetheless, it took a lot of research, networking and hard work before I actually came into contact with such opportunities.

I have always been passionate about being the first point of call when it comes to referring people work or assisting people with potential work related opportunities – friends will vouch for that. I’m usually that person who will say things like, ‘oh I know so and so who could do that job, or oh this person is great at doing this and that’. I’m always trying to connect people.

Working in the television industry and being the person I am made me realise that I want to be able to provide other creatives with more opportunities. A friend called Shini James approached me in the beginning of the year and proposed we organise an event for female creatives and entrepreneurs. She had just launched an online platform called The SheLancers Hub to help female creatives.

She said, “I created The SheLancers Hub after noticing that the majority of the TV productions I was working on largely consisted of a male workforce. Stereotypically, women would take up secretary and coordinator roles. The notion behind this event is to break boundaries and support women who want to increase their opportunities”.

We want to bring women together in the form of vision board parties and networking events such as the one we are organising on the 23rd of April 2017 at 4pm called CreatHers: Envision My Dreams.

CreatHers as a brand will host various female creative and entrepreneurial events in the form of networking, collaborations and vision board parties. The purpose is to give female creatives and businesswomen from various industries the chance to meet and network with an array of fellow female professionals, whilst receiving advice and tips from other successful women. The notion is that by the end of the day, each attendee would have collaborated with likeminded women, thus creating their own unique one to five year vision board.

There will be an industry panel which will include Joanna Abeyie, journalist and founder of Shine Media and Hyden Talent.

One thing I will certainly be getting from the event is how I can further market and promote my blog – hettyash.com and how I can progress it to the next level. Each attendee will definitely benefit from such an event, which I’m proud to be a part of.

Tickets to the CreatHers event can be purchased via Eventbrite.

HettyAsh xx


Celebrity First Dates

I literally fell in love with First Dates since I watched the first episode. It is an absolute breath of fresh air. The show invites ordinary singletons who want to find love and allows the programme makers to essentially become match makers. The programme is based in a restaurant in St. Paul’s, London and everyone other than those that work at the restaurant have never laid eyes on each other until that day and time in that setting.

What I love about the show is that it strips everything back and portrays what I would say is everyone’s desire, which is to be loved and to love. The best thing about the show is that people generally feature on the show to find love and not to have their moment of TV glory.

So… First Dates has given birth to Celebrity First Dates. Honestly, I first thought, gosh now they’ve turned this natural and unique show into a fan out and star struck re-make of First Dates. But actually, it gives us a perspective of what famous people go through in order to find love and guess what? They’re just as normal as we are. They want to find love and be loved.

I have to say I loved watching Richard Blackwood with his remarks like, “how you gonna forget someone’s name and call them a different name? That’s like the mum that doesn’t want you to move on, ‘yes Jennifer’. ‘Her name’s Sharon’. ‘Yes but I did like Jennifer’. Laugh Out Loud!

I also liked watching Jo Wood having her date. The look on her date’s face, Ernesto, when he found out she was previously married to Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones was priceless. It was like ‘you’re joking, right? Get me out of here’. Talk about shock. I hope he didn’t feel intimated at first.

Anyhoo just wanted to say how amazing the show is. It is definitely one of my favourite shows to watch and I’d love to work on it ‘ehem’.

What do you guys think of the show and would you feature on it?

HettyAsh xx