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Hi all,

I have heard many people exclaim that they are not where they want to be and that they are certainly not working in the industry they are actually passionate about. As cliche as this may sound, nothing is impossible. If you truly have the desire to achieve something, you can. However, it takes a lot of research, perseverance and self-belief to make a dream come into fruition.

I am a freelance television production and development researcher. I am currently working at Expectation Entertainment, which is a new production company founded by a former ITV director of television and a previous president of Endemol Shine Group. In general, I conduct research and develop formats and ideas for broadcast and digital shows.

My career thus far has consisted of me working on popular factual entertainment programmes for major broadcasters including, Channel 4, ITV, BBC One and E4.

I initially heard about Creative Access via a friend who also works in television. I cannot express enough how glad I am to have been told about this charity as it really helped to further progress my career. Nonetheless, it took a lot of research, networking and hard work before I actually came into contact with such opportunities.

I have always been passionate about being the first point of call when it comes to referring people work or assisting people with potential work related opportunities – friends will vouch for that. I’m usually that person who will say things like, ‘oh I know so and so who could do that job, or oh this person is great at doing this and that’. I’m always trying to connect people.

Working in the television industry and being the person I am made me realise that I want to be able to provide other creatives with more opportunities. A friend called Shini James approached me in the beginning of the year and proposed we organise an event for female creatives and entrepreneurs. She had just launched an online platform called The SheLancers Hub to help female creatives.

She said, “I created The SheLancers Hub after noticing that the majority of the TV productions I was working on largely consisted of a male workforce. Stereotypically, women would take up secretary and coordinator roles. The notion behind this event is to break boundaries and support women who want to increase their opportunities”.

We want to bring women together in the form of vision board parties and networking events such as the one we are organising on the 23rd of April 2017 at 4pm called CreatHers: Envision My Dreams.

CreatHers as a brand will host various female creative and entrepreneurial events in the form of networking, collaborations and vision board parties. The purpose is to give female creatives and businesswomen from various industries the chance to meet and network with an array of fellow female professionals, whilst receiving advice and tips from other successful women. The notion is that by the end of the day, each attendee would have collaborated with likeminded women, thus creating their own unique one to five year vision board.

There will be an industry panel which will include Joanna Abeyie, journalist and founder of Shine Media and Hyden Talent.

One thing I will certainly be getting from the event is how I can further market and promote my blog – and how I can progress it to the next level. Each attendee will definitely benefit from such an event, which I’m proud to be a part of.

Tickets to the CreatHers event can be purchased via Eventbrite.

HettyAsh xx


Celebrity First Dates

I literally fell in love with First Dates since I watched the first episode. It is an absolute breath of fresh air. The show invites ordinary singletons who want to find love and allows the programme makers to essentially become match makers. The programme is based in a restaurant in St. Paul’s, London and everyone other than those that work at the restaurant have never laid eyes on each other until that day and time in that setting.

What I love about the show is that it strips everything back and portrays what I would say is everyone’s desire, which is to be loved and to love. The best thing about the show is that people generally feature on the show to find love and not to have their moment of TV glory.

So… First Dates has given birth to Celebrity First Dates. Honestly, I first thought, gosh now they’ve turned this natural and unique show into a fan out and star struck re-make of First Dates. But actually, it gives us a perspective of what famous people go through in order to find love and guess what? They’re just as normal as we are. They want to find love and be loved.

I have to say I loved watching Richard Blackwood with his remarks like, “how you gonna forget someone’s name and call them a different name? That’s like the mum that doesn’t want you to move on, ‘yes Jennifer’. ‘Her name’s Sharon’. ‘Yes but I did like Jennifer’. Laugh Out Loud!

I also liked watching Jo Wood having her date. The look on her date’s face, Ernesto, when he found out she was previously married to Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones was priceless. It was like ‘you’re joking, right? Get me out of here’. Talk about shock. I hope he didn’t feel intimated at first.

Anyhoo just wanted to say how amazing the show is. It is definitely one of my favourite shows to watch and I’d love to work on it ‘ehem’.

What do you guys think of the show and would you feature on it?

HettyAsh xx