Why Are People Jealous of You?

Why Are People Jealous of You?

Throughout my life I have been analysing the concept of jealousy and why some people possess this trait more strongly than others.

Destined For Greatness

It led me back to thinking about the bible and what it has taught me over the years. I have often heard that the “enemy” attacks us when we are in our mothers womb. So I started to think about this analogy on a deeper level. The enemy begins to attack us in our mothers womb. Why would he do this? At that point we are  defenceless innocent foetuses with the possibility to develop into a baby. Why would anybody want to attack such a thing? Then the quote came to mind, “jealousy is not about who you are but who you’re going to become”

Finally it clicked and it felt like a light bulb had just gone off in my head. You see the enemy knows that your destined for greater things way before you’re even aware of it, so in a strange kind of way a jealous person can also have this insight. Often I have been baffled as to why some people are so jealous of others, when looking into their lives, the jealous person ‘appears’ to have more, if we are thinking on a material level, but still they continue to speak badly to that person, and often they try to belittle them or dismiss their accomplishment.

I have experienced this type of attitude from others within my social circle, and I would think to myself why would so and so be jealous of this particular person when they ‘seem to be doing more in their lives.’ Again this quote popped back in my head, so I may not be all that I’m supposed to be now, but clearly they can see something that I can’t which triggers them to display this behaviour.

So what do you do now?

You must decide to turn this negative into a positive and begin to think and take steps towards what the jealous person can see. Clearly they can see that you have the potential to go places and make it big, so it’s time you buckle your seat belt towards this destination.

So next time your in an environment whereby you are experiencing this ‘jealousy thing,’ just think to yourself that you have a destiny to fulfil  that is so big that your got the jealous person and the enemy all shook up. And embrace this for it signifies who you are going to Become

Ephesians 6:12:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

xo Asiabee


Mother’s Day Gift and Celebration Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift and Celebration Ideas

Hi lovelies!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! I have to say that I absolutely love celebrating this event and I know my mum does as well. Her birthday is always around the same time as Mother’s Day so she is fortunate enough to have two celebrations within a short space of time each year.

If you’re like me, sometimes it can get quite difficult having to think of unique gift and celebrations ideas each year. What should I buy for my mum? Where should I take her? What should we do? It can be a bore, but on the other hand, if your mum is like me then she’s probably slightly stuck in her ways and loves a routine of traditional get togethers and gifts. Well, without further ado take a look below of my possible suggestions for a beautiful Mother’s Day celebration.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea For Two At The Luxurious Waldorf Hilton

Whisk your mum away for an afternoon tea for two at this luxurious hotel and make her feel like she’s dining with royalty – after all, isn’t she royalty anyway?

The price is only £49. There are other hotels and venues where you can take your lovely mum to.

Chocolate Dreams Afternoon Tea with Hotel Chocolat

This definitely sounds like a dream. Ever heard of the chocolate brand, Hotel Chocolat? Well it is just dreamy to say the least. The price for this afternoon tea is £40 per person with unlimited chocolate. This is located at The Den in St. Martins Lane.

Afternoon Tea at the Mews, Mayfair

Mayfair is such a lush and beautiful area that I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this being marketed for £24.37 per person. That’s incredible! You will definitely feel at home with the decor and cosy sofas.

There’s a whole range of options for Afternoon Teas via this website so check them all out and have a blast.


Singapore Garden

Feast your eyes on an affordable yet luxurious restaurant that sells Singapore dishes  which is similar to chinese food. It’s a cosy restaurant with food that looks divine.

Grain Store

Just visit this website – I dare you. I love the layout and colours of the site – it looks so arty. Well, that’s not why you would visit the restaurant so let me get right to it. It’s a lovely looking and spacious restaurant which sells a variety of dishes from brown rice, to salmon, to french toast with salad and fillings. The price is very affordable, In fact, it’s so affordable I could purchase food from there for my lunch at work.

Jin Jui

If you love Korean food, or want to give it a try then perhaps you should take your mum to Jin Jui. They sell a wide range of food and I’m sure it will be well within your budget.


If you have the budget and consider yourself as an adventurer who would literally just get up one day and go to a destination just because you can then a cruise may be the way to go.

There’s various cruises that if you ask me are quite affordable if you take into consideration the places it takes you and the short space of time between booking the cruise and going on the cruise.

Royal Caribbean have cruises that pick you up from the UK and whisk you away to parts of Europe such as Spain, France and Portugal.

Cruise Deals offers you cruises that erm, well have deals so you can do a roundtrip in the UK i.e. through Southampton or go to Europe and ‘live the life’ without spending all your dough.

A European Daybreak

Have you thought about taking your beloved mum sightseeing for the day? If you have that’s very sweet of you and don’t worry there’s still time to make plans. I love lastminute.com because it really is all about making last minute plans at reasonable prices so check it out and let me know where you end up going.


OK so buying flowers for your mum is a classic Mother’s Day gift, but have you thought about ordering flowers that come with a fruitcake that delivers it straight to her home? An online website called Bunches does just this so check it out and let me know what you think. They also deliver for free, so what more could you ask.

Appleyard flowers deliver flowers straight to your door and can I just say that the flowers on the website look heavenly.


If you ask me, nothing says I appreciate you more than a beautiful piece of jewellery. By jewellery, I mean real jewellery. Here are my top five places to buy jewellery.

F Hinds


Ernest Jones


H Samuel

Personalised gifts

My go to place right now for personalised gifts (although I don’t go very often) is Not On The High Street. It lives up to it’s name as I don’t ever really find these unique products on the high street.

Cake Baking

If your mum is anything like mine then she will be a really good baker. Spend time with your mum baking delicious treats for the day so that you can scoff your mouth.

Spa Trip


Photo credit: Karl Cossio

Right now Spa Break seems like the go to place to book a lovely spa break. It has so many different locations that you don’t need to scroll Google to find a nice place to go to.

Bath Like A Queen

If your mum loves feeling like a queen in the bathroom and is all about buying bath bombs, and bath creams and lovely massage soaps then perhaps you can splurge at one of the below stores just for her.


The Body Shop


So there you have it! A nice comprehensive post filled with ideas on what to do for Mother’s Day and what to buy for your beautiful mum.

What do you think about my suggestions? Did you find them helpful? Let me know in the comments section.

HettyAsh xx


The Conundrum of Lying – How Lying Can Ruin Relationships

“There are times I have witnessed and even in my own life that when you lie you become a slave to that lie. You’re in bondage. You’re entrapped in a fictional story that can’t be undone…”

Hey ladies and gents,

I have got to say that lying has got to be one of the most complicated things that people do. It’s filled with riddles, puzzles, obstacles, secrecy, confusion and so many other negative adjectives and verbs that I could write a book on. I have often been told that guys lie a lot more than girls do, especially when it comes to relationships and dating. Please don’t shoot me but I actually agree, especially when I look at my own experiences.

I’m that girl that prides herself in gaining some sort of thrill from investigating and researching things, maybe it’s because of my occupation working as a researcher. Upon searching through my experience and others, I believe there are three main reasons why people lie:

  1. The first reason why people lie is definitely out of fear; fear of having to face the consequences in telling the truth.

  2. To ‘protect’ people’s feelings.

  3. To look good. This could be anything from creating a false image of oneself to attempting to be socially accepted.

I am a what you see is what you get type of person and I’m not someone who agrees in lying at all. You know the infamous saying, ‘the truth will set you free’ – now that’s the truth. Lying inevitably leads to more lying and covering up and then you actually have to remember the lie and create a fictional story around it so that the lie can stick like glue in people’s minds and usually lies don’t seem to entirely make sense.

There are times I have witnessed and even in my own life that when you lie you become a slave to that lie. You’re in bondage. You’re entrapped in a fictional story that can’t be undone unless you hold your hand up and confess, which even then will most likely have worse consequences than the truth initially would have.

I remember a guy I was particularly dating at one time. We were talking, you know getting to know each other. I dated him previously but it didn’t work out and we later started talking again. If there was ever an award for the person that could lie through his teeth even when you’re looking at him in disbelief, he would get that award. He lied like it was going out of fashion and when I say fashion I mean fashion that doesn’t even fade away.

We weren’t even in a relationship but I couldn’t even ask him generic questions and get honest answers. I would ask him about his past relationship history and past girlfriends and not only would he be vague but he would always match my answers to his – or at least try to. He’d always beat me to the punch when it came to asking questions so that he could get a sense of what I would say and concoct a story that he would say that wasn’t too different to mine.

We spoke everyday and all the time which I enjoyed doing until I noticed that we were only speaking via phone when he was available because the few times that I would call him instead – guess what – he couldn’t answer his phone. That wasn’t even what perplexed me, what baffled me was the elaborate stories he would tell that were just, erm, slightly far fetched. Bearing in mind that we would usually message each other throughout the day. On one occasion when I called him and he didn’t answer he told me that he had back pain and that’s why he couldn’t speak to me the evening before like he usually did. This back pain disappeared after a couple of days and although his living arrangements didn’t change, he was as fine as a fiddle and never mentioned a back pain again.

Usually when I tried to call him previously and couldn’t get through to him it was because his mum and aunt or another family member was talking to him about life and marriage.

I remember the last time I called him which was the deal breaker for me as it was apparent that he was either living a secret life or was doing things that he didn’t want me to know of. Either way, I’m a no drama kind of girl and if I sense things don’t make sense, then I usually act on this instinct. We were texting each other the whole day and I told him about a programme I was watching that I wanted him to watch (since he appeared to be at home), he asked me about the programme so I decided to call him to explain. To my surprise, yet again, he didn’t answer. When he called me back   I was determined not to pick up but to call him back later on. When I attempted to call him, it seemed as though he had blocked my number as his number was not going through and so I thought, well I know he drives and doesn’t take underground and he lives in London where there is phone signal soo…

He sent me a message (via an internet based app) asking me to let him know when I was ready to talk, which I did. To my surprise, when he called me he told me that he had to take his mum to the accident and emergency unit at their local hospital as she was complaining about stomach pain. He called me later on and told me that the hospital gave his mum antibiotics and sent her home.

The next day I was acting odd towards him as I had already made up my mind that he could not be trusted and that there was definitely something that didn’t seem to add up – didn’t quite make sense and I couldn’t work out this puzzle I had been trying for so long to finish. I spoke to him that evening. He said that his brother was with his mum at the hospital because he had to go to work. I’m immediately thinking, “I thought they sent your mum home with antibiotics and how did a good conversation via text change suddenly the moment I called you?”

Of course there are many more examples but the message is loud and clear. Not only does lying make it difficult for me and people in general to tell who a person really is but it is also associated with deceiving. The real problem is, is that those who do it become untrustworthy and can easily lose friendships and tear relationships apart at a blink of an eye because of it.

The stress that it can cause is often unnecessary and let’s face it, I know if I’ve been lying and deceiving someone, I can’t really sleep at night and on top of all the things I have to remember, I also have to remember that lie and the string of lies that comes with it as well, gosh that’s headache.

In the end lying is just a conundrum, a puzzle with missing pieces – a jigsaw that can’t be completed. It’s not worth it, so I always try and make a conscious effort to tell the truth even if it hurts – I know it usually won’t hurt as much as the lie probably will in the long run anyway. Besides, one lie can make everything else the person has ever said become questionable and who wants to be questioned about everything?

HettyAsh xx


Takeaway, Replace and Retrain. Healthy Tips To Stay In Shape

Takeaway, Replace and Retrain. Healthy Tips To Stay In Shape

Hey guys and dolls,

It’s that time of year again. We’ve all made major New Year’s resolutions, and at the top of most people’s list is vowing to loose weight and get back in shape. If your anything like me, you’ve been talking a real good talk and now the time is upon you to actually do the walking. So January is really here and already I’ve slipped of the band wagon. But this time round I’m getting back in the game and staying true to my vision.

I have decided to tackle this weight loss thing from a different angle this time round using my methods of takeaway, replace and retrain. Stay with me all will be explained it’s pretty simple really.

So what do I mean by takeaway, replace and retrain. To put it simply takeaway means I will be omitting certain food types from my diet. Such as anything that is high in starch i.e. wheat, rice, pasta, bread and so on and then replacing it with quinoa, sweet potatoe, lots of green veg, salads and of course fruits. You have to be careful with fruits as some fruits are high in sugar. So it’s best to stick to berries, grapefruit, kiwis etc.

So by doing this I am actually retraining my brain to crave better foods, rather than what my brain has become accustomed to. You see I told you it was simple.

And here is something else I’m going to throw in for free lol. You know doing something as simple as having warm water with a slice of lemon can have a huge impact on your skin and weight loss. So go ahead try it. Also trying to eat foods such as avocado is the good fat your body needs, and whilst you’re there try peanut butter, unsalted nuts and porridge.

If you’re a meat lover like me, aim for meats such as turkey, duck and anything with wild at the beginning of it. It just means that the meat will be leaner and better for you.

Last but not least exercise, exercise, and exercise. As much as I try to avoid this I know it’s a necessary component in keeping in shape and getting my mind right. If you’re not into the gym then try something else such as Zumba, or even ballroom dancing. You can also do Yoga or Pilates which will also help you to stay in shape and feel great.

So there you have it, I hope I have provided a new perspective into loosing weight and I hope my handy tips will be of help in your weight loss journey.

xo Asiabee


High Heels Don’t Care – Doing What’s Best For Yourself

I love the idea of wearing high heels; it helps you look classy, elegant and sophisticated. You could be wearing something simple or even jeans but as soon as you put on heels, your look goes to another level. It has its benefits but it also has its disadvantages. In theory, I would wear high heels to every occasion and to Sunday services at church but in practice, I usually don’t wear them that often.

I choose comfort nearly all the time when deciding what to wear; this doesn’t mean I don’t make an effort, because I do, I have to make sure I feel comfortable. This means that I can breathe in the clothes and footwear I’m in, but that I also like what I’m wearing, because if I don’t…well, then I just won’t feel comfortable at all.

Ladies, life can be like a pair of high heels, not everyone is supposed to like you, not everyone is supposed to agree with you and not everyone is supposed to be pleased with you. Even though I know this, I have been guilty so many times of trying to please others and everyone and anyone.

We all know the negative effect high heels can have like somehow elevating you from the ground so that you can’t walk or run like you would without them on. Other examples include them becoming increasingly uncomfortable to wear as the day or the night goes on and causing you foot pain. Having said this, a lot of us ladies love to wear our high heels because at the end of the day, it’s what makes an outfit. If you wear a beautiful dress for a special occasion but wear flats instead of heeled shoes you already pretty much look casual. So even though I love comfort and would pick the option of comfort any day over anything, I’ll have to swap my comfort for a pair of heels at certain times just so that I can look and feel the part.

Ladies, life can be like a pair of high heels, not everyone is supposed to like you, not everyone is supposed to agree with you and not everyone is supposed to be pleased with you. Even though I know this, I have been guilty so many times of trying to please others and everyone and anyone.

I have often found in the past that I used to be so concerned with pleasing other people and being the yes girl that I found it was taking its toll on me. The truth is, it is a great burden on oneself to try to please everyone.

I secretly think that us females have something in us that makes us worry more and care more for others including thinking about what others think of us. It’s great to care for others and in fact we should and in life we’re supposed to serve one another (that’s a blog topic for another day). However, sometimes said people want from us what we can’t and should not give. They may want us to do favours for them we don’t think is right for ourselves, go out with them when we’d rather stay in, pursue things we believe is not right and so on.

I have often found in the past that I used to be so concerned with pleasing other people and being the yes girl that I found it was taking its toll on me. The truth is, it is a great burden on oneself to try to please everyone. This is due to many reasons. It’s impossible to be real, honest, transparent and be the person that always tries do the right thing all the time when we’re too busy trying to do things to please others all the time instead.

If you realise that some people you may be trying to please are thinking about what’s best for themselves or what they want, whilst others think they know what you need when they actually may not, life will become a lot clearer.

Over the last couple of years or so, I really started doing what was best for me, listening to my instincts more, following my gut more and doing what I knew was the right think to do. I’m glad to say that it helped me out so much. At first I may have felt unsure if I was doing the right thing, especially if others were saying I wasn’t but in the long run I realised I should have just believed in myself more.

Girls, our instincts never lie, I mean never. I can vouch for that. I should really write a blog on this, but for now remember this saying, ‘high heels, don’t care’. Take care of the number one person in your life which is you! Love others, care for others but always do what’s best for  you, the situation and the circumstance. After all, no-one knows you more than you and if you’re being real, it’s impossible to please everyone anyways.

“Woe to you when all men speak well of you…” – Luke 6:26

HettyAsh xx