Spell Classy With A Pink Dress

Hi ladies, I went to an awards ceremony a few months ago as part of the press team. It was lovely seeing all the fabulous and colourful outfits. They were mostly African wear or African print based. I love wearing African print, however, for this occasion I opted for one of my pink dresses. I call this a classy pink dress because I think it’s simple, conservative and playful at the same time.

smart dresssmart dress

I met up with my cousin the other day and she told me that my dress sense is conservative but playful. She gave me an example saying that I may wear a playful jumpsuit or dress but then wear a jacket to go with it. Well, I have you know that I am often known as the jacket girl at work because I wear so many jackets. Nonetheless, I usually dress quite smart for work. When I say smart I mean smart casual as we’re allowed to be quite flexible in terms of what we wear at work.

Classy Pink Dress

fun dress

I absolutely love how I wore my hair to this event. I sprinkled my hair with water and added some leave in hair conditioner, then I parted it into sections and plaited it. I went to bed and undid the plaits the next morning and just used my fingers or a tooth comb to loosen the curls before clipping my hair at the back. I then used my fingers to style the front of my hair in order to give it volume.

classy hair

So if you have a special event to attend during these coming weeks, why not buy a simple, yet smart and conservative pink dress and wear black heels. Such heels goes with almost anything. If you feel like going back in time slightly, you can do my hairstyle and I won’t tell. So, spell classy with a pink dress.

Hope you like my pictures as much as I liked taking them.


HettyAsh xx


Shades of Brown and Fiercely Red

Hi guys! I love wearing brown. It suits my skin complexion. I feel like I could wear almost anything within reason and still look OK in it as long as it’s brown. Red in another favourite colour of mine. It stands out, it goes with a lot of other colours and most girls are infatuated by the vibrancy behind the colour red. How can you not be?

brown outfit, with a red jacket

I call this look – ‘shades of brown and fiercely red’. I feel fierce wearing this look because of the rich colour of brown and the bold red colour.


I’m wearing an animal print tunic top that has a tie around the neck and gathers. It gives it a more relaxed and loose look.

brown outfit, with a red jacket

The ¾ length brown trousers is also loose fitted. I love the material as it’s so comfortable.

These heels is one of my favourite as it’s a lot more comfortable than most heels. It has a cushion on the soles and although it is pointed, it is wide fitted for people who have wide feet.

brown outfit, with a red jacket

My jacket is waist length and is great for summer. It’s bright and smart and when it’s slightly cold, I can wear it to keep me warm.

red jacket and animal print

I love handbags that I can literally wear everyday. I guess that’s why they’re called the everyday handbag. The straps are detachable so I can hold the bag using it’s handles or use it as a crossover.

My fashion tip is to be bold when it comes to colours but not too bold that the colours are a complete mismatch. Animal print an brown colours go well with red. Pink heels can be the perfect combination when it comes to brown and red. I know – surprising.

everyday handbag

So there you have it,


‘Shades of Brown and Fiercely Red’.


HettyAsh xx


In The Navy – The Look

In The Navy – The Look

Hey lovelies,

It’s been a long time coming! I haven’t released a fashion based post in a while, but that’s not to say that I don’t love dressing up, looking fly and hitting the streets.

I have a massive confession to make, I don’t always ‘dress up’. In fact, there are more times where I dress down and rock the very casual look and make my way. On this note, I thought I should reflect that in today’s outfit. You can dress up and hit the road but still look and feel fabulous.

I can’t continue without saying Happy Easter Sunday. As a Christian I fully understand the importance of this time. In fact, this celebration holds a weightier value than any other, including Christmas. No, it’s not because of the bunnies and the chocolate eggs as that doesn’t actually have anything to do with the true meaning of the Passover, or otherwise known as Easter. Check out my blog on Easter.


I have to say that I absolutely love where I took this photo and the photographer @ry_1shot is a true professional. He managed to capture my outfit with a beautiful blue like scenery to compliment my theme.


I call this ‘In The Navy’. Why you ask? Well, I’m definitely all blue-ed out if you know what I mean. I’m wearing a navy coloured polyester top and a navy coloured and navy looking tailored jacket.


I came across the top and grabbed it as the texture and material is very unique. It is an everyday top that is not ‘everyday’. I say this as it’s rare that I come across a top that looks and feels like this one does.


The burgundy trousers are so smart but can also be worn in a more casual and subtle way. Girls, burgundy and navy colours match so perfectly that I feel every lady should have these colours in their wardrobe.


So there you have it ladies – my ‘In The Navy’ fashion look.

What’s your navy look?

Photographer – Ry_1shot

Top – Ax Paris (New Look)

Jacket – Next

Trousers – Next

HettyAsh xx


Elegantly Sophisticated – The Fashion Look

Elegantly Sophisticated – The Fashion Look

Hi girlies,

I am definitely that person who doesn’t necessarily follow fashion trends and always tries to wear things that are a little bit different and that stand out if possible. I generally try to choose comfort over everything at all times, because who said you can’t be comfortable and look fabulous at the same time?

I’m a massive Asos lover (I’m sure I’ve done a massive favour by showcasing so many of Asos’ clothing on this blog), but hey, a girl has got to stay true to herself, so here I am.

I attended my brother’s graduation ceremony and had to find something to wear. I came across this jumpsuit and couldn’t turn away from it even though it’s freezing cold and I would usually wear this kind of outfit in the evening. Well, as long as I threw on my fur coat over it, I was good to go – oh and warm at the same time.

I found this amazing navy blue satin one shoulder jumpsuit with a roll neck detail and a wide leg. I personally haven’t seen anyone wearing anything like this before so I had to buy it. I was a little hesitant on whether it would suit me or not but as soon as I wore it, I fell in love with it.

Although it is satin, it doesn’t appear to crease much and it is loosely fitted but at the same time doesn’t take away from my figure.


The best part is that it is a one shouldered jumpsuit with a roll neck detail. The arm is split and has a tie handle so that you can tie it around your wrist as you wish. I would suggest creating a bow detail as I think it just looks neater and more elegant.

I find that the roll neck detail is so lush! It definitely helps to make the look what it is because if you ask me, I would say that this jumpsuit is definitely for the more elegant and sophisticated woman. You don’t need to wear a plane jane square neck and sleeveless dress to be sophisticated, although I also like those.

The wide leg definitely finishes the look. It is ever so long, even for me as I’m 5 foot 7 and it was dragging across the floor. Most heels would go with this outfit but I would definitely say high heels would be the best option just because of how long the leg is. I would say a slim heel would look best rather than a chunky heel. If you’re daring you can wear baby pink heels or even bright yellow, but if you like to keep things simple, a classic black will do.

I hope I could offer some fashion inspiration in today’s post and if you do end up buying this jumpsuit i’d love to see how it looks on you!

Jumpsuit in Satin with One Shoulder and Roll Neck Detail, Asos – £50.00

HettyAsh xx


New Year’s Eve Colour Block Pop

Hi girls,

It was New Year’s Eve and like every New Year’s Eve we have to celebrate it in style, dress our best, put on our favourite shoes and swirl into the night to the beat of our drum in celebration of a brand new year. 

Well, that’s exactly what I did and like every New Year’s Eve I celebrated it in a special church service at my local church. You know how us girls like to say that we never have anything to wear, well I really put this to the test as I swung open my wardrobe and rummaged through the items of clothing that lay before me. 

I brought the colour block trend back to my block with a white and black jumpsuit ensemble (I promise my next outfit won’t be a jumpsuit) and paired it with a baby pink and cream clutch bag and kitten heeled pumps. 

The baby pink and cream clutch bag is so lush – it’s spacious and elegant and can be worn with almost anything!
To add a bit of flavour, a caped jacket always has me swinging on by to my next destination.
So there you have it, my New Year’s Eve Colour Block Pop – The Look

HettyAsh xx