The Everyday Makeup Look


 Hi lovelies,

If I have to be completely honest, I’m not one for wearing much make up or even wearing make up at all. You can find me most of the times in my own little world galavanting to everyday places with no make up on whatsoever. I’ll wear make up if there’s a special occasion, sometimes to church, or to an event or an important function. 

When I do wear make up, I prefer to go for the more natural and subtle look which usually involves a light base or foundation and no eye shadow. So girlies, if you want to look absolutely fabulous everyday or even to events or outings but still want to be able to wear make up without your face looking like it belongs to a different person then keep reading for a sneak peak of my everyday make up look.

First things first, if you’re anything like me, I tend to shine a lot around my nose area which I really don’t like. At the moment, I use MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment Soin. It’s a good temporary solution as it almost instantly keeps my nose area hydrated but looking dry. My only concern is that it’s slightly too temporary as I’ll often have to powder my nose throughout the day to keep it dry.

The rest of my face can get quite dry upon applying foundation so I’m happy to have found a little solution to that which I’ll address in a moment. For your base, it’s best to use a foundation that is light or weightless and preferably fragrance free. I use Iman’s Second to None, Cream to Powder foundation. It helps give a more natural look and I think it’s perfect for my skin tone as it literally blends in. 

 I don’t use this foundation by itself though. I mix it with Iman’s BB Creme (skin tone evener). This creme moisturises my skin and gives my face a glossy look. A friend told me that Nars also produce very good and natural looking and weightless foundations and it works great for her.

My advice if you want to avoid looking ‘overdone’ or ‘caked’ with too much make up on is to avoid heavier and thicker foundations, such as Mac’s and Fashion Fair’s. It’s great if you prefer to have that look, or if you have a lot of breakouts on your face for example, but if you want an everyday natural look then a lighter foundation is the better option.   

OK, so you have the base done, but one thing is missing – a warm and subtle blusher to add warmth to your cheeks. I only use one blusher and it has served me well as it compliments my skin tone and adds the right bit of warmth to my face. Fashion Fair’s Beauty Blush Warm Sand when put on correctly can enhance your look. I usually use a correct blusher brush, squeeze my cheeks, apply a hint of blusher, smile, then add some more blusher to my cheeks. You don’t need a lot as the last thing you want is to walk around looking like a clown.

For your eyes, I would suggest only wearing mascara, I like wearing eye liner and eye shadow, but come on, we’re going for the everyday look so looking as natural as possible is best. You can experiment with your mascara and choose one that you prefer but that isn’t too thick. When it comes to my make up, I buy products from concessions or the actual brand’s store. However, when it comes to my mascara, I will always purchase it at any high street store (within reason).

 For my lips, I will use Vaseline’s petroleum jelly Rosy Lips. Now bear with me, as you’re doing the everyday make up look, you don’t want to apply lipstick that will thicken your lips and give you a beautiful but unnatural shade of colour. Lip gloss is great, but sometimes it can make your lips shine really bright whereas we want a more subtle overall make up tone. Vaseline’s Rose Lips is a pinkish colour and blends in with almost everyone’s natural lip colour. However, if you’re like, hell no, I need something substantial on my lips, then why not go for a nude coloured lipstick or lipgloss. Oh, I don’t forget to use a nude coloured lip pencil to give you a neat finish.

Last of all, I nearly always use powder to complete my look. I use Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Finished Pressed Powder. It’s a darker colour to my actual skin tone which I like as it means that it completely covers my face and better compliments the skin colour of my neck which is darker than my face. 

I hope my everyday make up look tips helped you and that you feel ready to walk the runway and still feel and look beautiful but natural at the same time. 

This is a collaboration with Nyasha and Zoey. 

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HettyAsh xx


Make Up Tips On Looking Matte – ‘Asiabee’s Oriental Matte Look’

                                                              As featured on #bbloggers blog:

Hi dolls,

We are so pleased and happy to let you lovelies know that this blog is featured on #bbloggers blog, the link is above. We are introducing Asiabee’s matte look with a twist. We hope you like it.

So girlies, let’s get started shall we?

‘Asiabee’s Oriental Matte Look’ list of products:

• Mac Prep + Prime crème 

• Iman BB crème 

• Iman Second To None Crème Foundation

• Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder

• Fashion Fair Beauty Blush – Warm Sand colour

• Mac Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow

• Rimmel London Rich Brown Waterproof Eye Definer

• Mac Chestnut Lip Pencil

• Fashion Fair Siren lipstick

• Black Up foundation brush

• Mac brush kit

The first step is to apply the Mac Prep + Prime crème to your face. Only apply it to the areas that tend to shine the most. We combined Iman BB crème with Iman Second To None Crème foundation and mixed to achieve the right skin tone. This mix also helps create a nice glow.

The second step is to brush the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder with a good quality powder brush (we used Mac’s brand) across your face until everything has evened out. This helps to give the matte look. This particular powder, we would recommend for when you’re taking photos and filming as it helps reduce shine.

The next product we used was the Mac Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow. We used the glossy gold and purple colours. We wanted HettyAsh’s eyes to stand out and be the main attraction. It’s great for those who have small eyes as it helps accentuate them.

The mascara comes next – we used the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara which has a curved brush, but feel free to use any great mascara that is available.

The eyeliner we used was the Rimmel London rich brown waterproof eye definer. We love this particular product as the colour is perfect for those with small eyes. We find that applying black eyeliner all across your eyelids can sometimes give you the ‘goth’ eye look.

The Beauty Blush Warm Sand by Fashion Fair helps to define your cheek bones and the colouring provides a different contrast as compared to the rest of the make up.

We find you can have your make up done perfectly but if your lips are not done right, it can spoil the whole look. We used Mac’s Chestnut lip pencil to outline the lips to give it a fuller look and tidy the appearance of the lipstick. For the inside of the lips we used Fashion Fair Siren.

The final step is to re-apply the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder to finalise the look.

And voila…

If you want to see snippets of how this make up was applied, come on over to our Instagram page. To keep updated with our fun antics, tips, advice and posts, check us out on social media – Twitter and Instagram @HettyAsia.

HettyAsh xx xo Asiabee