Spell Classy With A Pink Dress

Hi ladies, I went to an awards ceremony a few months ago as part of the press team. It was lovely seeing all the fabulous and colourful outfits. They were mostly African wear or African print based. I love wearing African print, however, for this occasion I opted for one of my pink dresses. I call this a classy pink dress because I think it’s simple, conservative and playful at the same time.

smart dresssmart dress

I met up with my cousin the other day and she told me that my dress sense is conservative but playful. She gave me an example saying that I may wear a playful jumpsuit or dress but then wear a jacket to go with it. Well, I have you know that I am often known as the jacket girl at work because I wear so many jackets. Nonetheless, I usually dress quite smart for work. When I say smart I mean smart casual as we’re allowed to be quite flexible in terms of what we wear at work.

Classy Pink Dress

fun dress

I absolutely love how I wore my hair to this event. I sprinkled my hair with water and added some leave in hair conditioner, then I parted it into sections and plaited it. I went to bed and undid the plaits the next morning and just used my fingers or a tooth comb to loosen the curls before clipping my hair at the back. I then used my fingers to style the front of my hair in order to give it volume.

classy hair

So if you have a special event to attend during these coming weeks, why not buy a simple, yet smart and conservative pink dress and wear black heels. Such heels goes with almost anything. If you feel like going back in time slightly, you can do my hairstyle and I won’t tell. So, spell classy with a pink dress.

Hope you like my pictures as much as I liked taking them.


HettyAsh xx