CreatHers Event Rouge and Teal – The Look

CreatHers Event Rouge and Teal – The Look

A week later and the CreatHers: Envision My Dreams event is still on my mind! It was an exciting time for me as it was the first ever event that I co-founded and organised from start to finish. As much as it was an incredible experience, it was also a very busy one too. I was working full-time and rushed off my feet like I was being chased by a tornado.

This event had to have a name attached to it – it had to be the event where people would remember this occasion for its classiness, sophistication, maturity and vibrancy all at the same time. Well I hope so at least. For this reason, my outfit had to speak in volumes but for all the right reasons. This was definitely not the event for me to be walking into in tracksuits (I don’t actually wear tracksuits anyway).

Chantel from Chany Personal Shopper approached me and was like, ‘girl I’d like to style you for this event… you need to look fly’. Perhaps not in those exact words but close enough. It was certainly an offer I could not refuse, besides, I’ve never been styled before for anything, I’ve always styled myself.

I must say that as much as I love styling myself, having a personal shopper helped more than I would have ever realised. It took the strain of me from having to find my own outfit amidst all the chaos involving the event preparations. To add, it opened me to the endless possibilities of being introduced to various outfits I would have possibly never considered. Chantel, chose my teal coloured ¾ length jumpsuit and my perspex heels. We also discussed how I would wear my hair and what earrings I would put on.

I love jumpsuits, but I’ve never thought of wearing 3/4 length trousers of any kind before. This is primarily because it can make you look slightly frumpy and unflattering if not worn properly. This teal coloured jumpsuit is very comfortable, loose fitted and is the right length.

I love the symmetric shaped design at the top half and the bow in the middle. The pockets also really help to make the outfit as I love jumpsuits and dresses that have pockets in them. They are just so handy.

The heels are amazing! They are classy, unique, very fashionable and on trend. The perspex heels matched perfectly with this jumpsuit.

As much as the outfit looked great on its own, I certainly needed a classy coat to match. I absolutely adore this coat due to the colour, material and the quality of it. To me, it looks expensive. Did you know that dark green and red go together so perfectly?

I styled my hair and wore my earrings which I love and vuolah I was hitting those streets feeling uber-confident.

Ry_1shot, the photographer who took  these photos is incredible! He can turn what may look like an ordinary background into an extraordinary shot.

On another note, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that I love to create quotes and publish them on my page. One thought springs to mind, ‘It’s not how you look, it’s how you feel’.

What do you think of this outfit?

Photographer: @ry_1shot

Personal Shopper: @chany_personalshopper



HettyAsh xx

  • This teal jumpsuit is amazing! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

    Jenn │ Beauty by Jellybean

  • This jumpsuit is hoooottttt! I also love jumpsuits (looking for one right now for my birthday lol) because it’s just one outfit in one: no need to find a top, or a bottom, it’s just there lol. Very cute on you and I also love the shoes.


    • Hetty Ashiagbor

      aww thank you! That’s exactly how I feel. It’s so much easier to search for an amazing jumpsuit than to look for a top and bottom that match

  • That is a stunning colour on you, and the bow detail is lovely! How fun you had someone to style you and pick out the perfect outfit! 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Hetty Ashiagbor

      Aww thank you! Yes it helped having someone style me during this busy period! 🙂

  • Mamabops

    You look wonderful! How fun to have a personal stylist for a day. Glad your event was a success!

    • Hetty Ashiagbor

      Thank you so much! It was fun having a personal shopper! 🙂