CreatHers Networking Event: Network to Opportunities

CreatHers Networking Event: Network to Opportunities

Hi lovelies,

I am excited to announce that the next networking event is titled ‘network to opportunities’. Most of us have heard the importance of achieving and having a valuable network. Those we are associated and work with can help us grow and develop as individuals and as business people and entrepreneurs. They can also help us progress within our career.

Many successful people achieved their success through the opportunities they gained from others. Attending networking events, business seminars and employability workshops is easy, the difficult part is actually building sustainable and beneficial relationships with your fellow attendees, panelists and the like. Some attend such events with the aim of contacting associates afterwards, however, as soon as the final song is played and the lights turn off, the notion of contacting those they have met soon fade away.

Well, that’s where this event comes into play – the workshop will help you build confidence, learn how to network effectively and teach you how to create opportunities. The industry panelists will share their wealth of knowledge on the day and offer unique tips and advice on how they network and create invaluable opportunities for themselves and their brand.

There will also be vendors on the day showcasing and selling products you wouldn’t find on the high street.

The event will consist of three main sections:

  • A workshop
  • An industry panel discussion and Q&A
  • A dedicated networking section

To add, there will be one to one sessions available during the event with a television production and media professional. If you are passionate about the sector and seek career advice on relevant websites, opportunities, companies and organisations in regards to working in the field, speaking to the advisor will help.

With that being said, early bird tickets are on sale now at just £10.

You can book via the link below.