Hello 2017 – Poem

Hello 2017 – Poem
I saw you from afar

I knew that you would come

It was hope that I clung to

And the year that looked so strung.


I looked at the time and the mirror too

Although I looked young my goals for the year had expired.

I aspired to do better with each passing year that whispered

a sweet melody, an aromatic sound so deafening I could smell it.


In the night when I looked at the stars and

the morning would come with a bright blue sky

I knew that the day had passed me by.


I never said it was too late as I pinched myself and knew I was still awake

Can I achieve all that my heart has set out to with a helping hand

and a little faith so strong it acts just like a torpedo?


I can’t move in the past, its only the now and the future

So I stared at you with both eyes straight on so fearless and with determination I just couldn’t explain.


Can I help you to make this year impactfully great like a tornado that tramples over previous years

Or like the sea that can’t be stopped and flows through so deeply?


I’ve said my goodbyes and set my worries aside and only the brave take risks that’s not a myth.

I turned around to where my back previously was just to salute you before turning right around again,

Walking into the distance just to say hello 2017.


HettyAsh xx