Ideas For A Date Night (Extended Version)

Ideas For A Date Night (Extended Version)

To my guys and dolls who love to date, yours truly Asiabee has come up with some ideas for date nights which I hope you will find useful and interesting.

Dating can sometimes become mundane and sometimes it’s just simply too hard to plan or think about where to take a date to. For this reason, I have some suggestions below of different activities and venues which may help to elevate your dating life.

Why not learn to dance

Think of how exciting it would be for you and your partner to learn a new skill together. Plenty of studios offer sessions for first timers and couples, however if you feel intimidated you can consider booking private lessons. If you’re planing on getting married you can use this skill for your first dance also.

Change scenery

Have you ever thought about planning a date for your significant other in a different house or location? If you’re lucky enough to have friends who live in a cool apartment, for instance, you can always borrow their environment and enter their world for the night. You can either cook an exotic meal or use their facility such as a hot tub, (don’t forget to bring your champagne), or if they have a balcony why not take advantage and enjoy yourselves with a romantic meal. Please don’t forget to ask permission from the person before hand.

Exercise isn’t just for the outdoors

If you have children, getting out and about can sometimes be tricky. So you and your partner can do P90x (fitness dvd) together. Think how awesome it would be for you and your partner to both keep in shape and keep the competitive spirit between the two of you. Did you know that exercise helps to increase your libido too wink?

Come dine with us

Come Dine With Me is a factual based television series broadcasted in the UK where individuals or couples prepare a three course meal in the comfort of their home for a variety of guests who have been set up by the producers to dine at their venue. At the end of the day, each guest is given the opportunity to rate and provide feedback for the host/s and return the favour.

This is a fab concept that you can adapt into your date ideas. Why not re-create the show with your friends and set up a day in the week where you create a meal and ask your friends to come round and judge you and your partners cooking, don’t forget to keep it light hearted and fun. It will provide you and your partner the opportunity to catch-up with friends and it also leaves time for both of you to spend time together afterwards.

Let’s go back to the fairground

Why not go to an amusement park and get into touch with your inner child. There’s so much things you can do such as cuddling up on your favourite rides, sharing a candy floss or tucking into a delicious hot dog. It can also bring back memories from your own personal childhood experiences of the fairground that you and your partner can relate to as well as bond over.

Let’s make sweet music together

I absolutely love a guy who can play an instrument, I find is so sexy. Why not learn a new skill with your partner. You can check this out on Groupon. Research also suggests that learning a new skill with your partner can actually tighten your bond.

Venture into the kitchen/ wine tasting

Have you and your partner ever thought about dedicating a day where you create particular meals together and taste wines from other parts of the world. On the other hand, if you prepare familiar foods but tweak some of the ingredients, this can hot things up for the both of you and will also provide you with plenty of time to actually spend with each other.

So there you have it guys and dolls!

I hope some of these tips will be of interest to you, but most importantly I hope I have suggested ideas you haven’t already thought about.

xo Asiabee