Wisdom More Precious Than Rubies

Wisdom More Precious Than Rubies

“No mention shall be made of coral or quartz, for the price of wisdom is above rubies” Job 28:18.

Rubies are classified as a precious stone, but can be bought, just like coral, quartz and diamonds.

We all know you can’t buy wisdom, knowledge or understanding (lol imagine if you could),

they are all things we need to grasp. I’m not referring to formal education at all, but things

that are so treasurable that it needs to be kept inside yourself and shared with others. Some

dictionaries define wisdom as,

“The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise”.

I believe wisdom is more than that, it’s about learning from your experiences and life’s lessons and teaching and advising others not to commit the same mistakes and wrong doings. Here’s a quote to reflect on;

“And to man he said, ‘behold the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding’”. Job 28:28

In a nutshell, I’m advised to stay away from so many wrong and harmful things for the benefit of myself and others. This includes: not intentionally damaging my body as it’s a temple i.e. smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, self-harming etc. and forgiving others so I can be set free, it is proven that grudges promotes various kinds of health problems – there are so many other examples. Love my neighbour as myself – this means loving others just as you love yourself. However, before this I’m advised to love God before everything. Loving God, a higher being, a supernatural power, means that He is always watching me and I would do my upmost best to not do anything I know I shouldn’t do.

I just have to add that positive and optimistic thoughts makes a huge difference to the outcome of your life as well. All these small but great bits of information can help to create a better version of yourself. Well… I’m off to see what else I can feed myself with (metaphorically speaking).

Another statement before I go – everyone needs a teacher in life – the question is who will be yours?


HettyAsh xx


Smile! You’re Stronger Than You Think

Smile! You’re Stronger Than You Think

Smile, you’re stronger than you think! Have you ever gone through a difficult time in your life and reached the other side and thought, wow I made it! I have! Sometimes we go through problems that make us feel trapped – completely stuck, and we don’t know how to sort it. I found that seeking GOOD advice from trusted and respected people helped. You don’t have to go through this alone. I find that seeking inspirational messages and blogs helps to lift my spirit, and being around positive people makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, some people go through hard times and don’t overcome it – they give up. Just remember:

1. you’re stronger than you think.

2. Seek inspiration and positive messages

3. Seek good and sound advice

4. Be around positive people

5. I’m a strong believer of God – and seek him, especially when I’m in need.

HettyAsh xx


No Time For The Lazy


Let’s start the week; Sunday – grab some popcorn, kick back and relax whilst watching a juicy episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, feisty girls, so comical, #ICanLaughAllDay. Turn to Catch Up TV and watch Made In Chelsea – what restaurant are they in? Oooh that food looks delish! SLEEP.


Monday – flick through job sites, like jobs, mental note – I will apply for them soon. Check bank account, check shoes – need new shoes – maybe a handbag too. I’ll treat myself to a Westfield’s shopping day – Melissa, will you come with? Great! Long day, knackered, SLEEP.


Tuesday – Look at jobs I’ve liked on job sites, OK, I’ll come back to you don’t you worry about that. Ooooh is that, noooo, it is – Dinner date! Love it, I’m watching. Call friend, talk for two hours, Good night babe. SLEEP.


Wednesday – My friend’s in town, yes! “Where you at girl? I’m coming over”. At her house, talking about dreams, ambitions, I’m on a mission. Bye girl, see you later. SLEEP.


Thursday – What was me and my friend saying again, hmmm. Anyways, this film is out in the cinema, what’s it called? I’m going to go and check it out, hope I like it, then I’ll apply for those jobs. Home. SLEEP.

Friday – Paaaaaarrrrttttyyy, I’m going to paaaaarrrrrrtttyyyyy! Calling friends. Where you guys going? Out to eat? OK I’ll come anyway. Restaurant. Food tastes good. Talking. Lots of talking, laughing, giggling. Four hours later. Home time. Bye lovelies. SLEEP.


Saturday – Finally it’s the weekend. I need a break. Let me have a look at those jobs. Oh, some of them have disappeared, I’ll like some other jobs. Great. Ten jobs to apply for. I heard about the Breakfast Club, I’m going to have some breakfast now. Phone rings, my friend’s coming round. Great! Let me clean my home. Friend comes. Friend leaves. SLEEP.


Sunday – Church, church church. REPEAT.


I never have any time! So years pass and you still don’t have time. Sometimes things can be a challenge, sometimes it’s difficult to be proactive, apply for those jobs, go to those interviews, do research, attend seminars for motivation, inspiration and advice, attend networking events. Just think – we all have approximately 365 days in a year and four weeks each month and a total of 12 months each year.


Perhaps, setting monthly goals and targets may help you to achieve your destination and be strict with yourself – it’s OK to say no to certain things and yes to others.


“All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but all things do not edify”. 1st Corinthians 10: 23


HettyAsh xx


Block Heels and Ripped Tights

Block Heels and Ripped Tights

Busy girl, busy day, a busy bee… a mildly cold Saturday for a beautiful day celebrating two special birthdays. The first birthday was all about my gorgeous and handsome nephew (I wish he was my son L too cute) who turned the magic number one. Everyone turned up and there was a lot of food, drinks and cake to go around 10 times over. My sister’s (Asia bee) friends came with their kids and the party didn’t finish until late. Myself and my brothers couldn’t stay until the end because we all had our own individual agendas…


I had my friend’s birthday dinner to go to, so me and my brothers jumped in the car and off we went home to drop me off so I could get ready. I was going to wear a slim fitted baby pink dress, but I changed my mind, as us girls do. I ended up wearing a lime-ish green oversized mid length dress with minimal detail, sheer skin toned tights, yellow heart shaped earrings and a pair of black and gold open toe and heel with 4 inched block heels.


I got a call from my friend who was picking me up in her car and so, I took my dark red leather medium handbag (without a pair of flats, like I usually do), my furry and cosy black mid length coat and off I went. It was very clear to me and to her who was waiting at the end of my road, that I was finding it very difficult to walk in these perfect, but then so not perfect heels. I walked limping – my left leg straight and my right leg slightly tilted unable to stay on the platform of my shoe. My friend asked, “why didn’t you bring a pair of flats?” That’s a good question.


My friend (I’ll refer to her as Lucy – but that’s really not her name, lol) parked about a 10-minute walk from a Cuban restaurant in Camden. It was her birthday celebration and she was about to celebrate it in style – as they say. I met one of her friends who I will call Rich (to hide his real name), in my friend’s car as she picked him up before she met me. Rich was such a lovely guy who allowed me to cling onto him for dear life. I literally couldn’t walk unsupported – crazy. There I was clinging onto his shoulder and taking a good 20-30 minutes (I think) to reach the restaurant. I nearly fell five times, but at least I made it in one piece. Just one problem, how will I go back?


“The same way you came” – Rich.


The first of Lucy’s friends to arrive after myself and Rich was a guy who I will call Stephen. We talked a bit as I try to talk to all of my friend’s friends and slowly but surely the rest of Lucy’s friends arrived. We talked, laughed, ordered food, ate and had fun!


An hour to midnight and I knew I had to make my way home, but this time by tube as Lucy was not ready to leave. As Stephen was travelling the same way as me, we went together (thank you God!) I clung onto Stephen as though my life depended on it and anytime he took more than 5 steps in one minute I told him he was walking too fast. I walked (barely) as though my right leg was shorter than my left or as if I was learning to walk again. It was embarrassing.


Now the icing on the cake to top it all off, as I got on the second train (because we took two trains) I heard a tear and as I looked down, there were my toes on my right foot playing peak a boo. I had to tell Stephen in case he accidentally looked down and thought I was some girl Lucy took off the streets and invited to her birthday celebration.


I nearly fell up, yes up, the escalators, had to hide my open toe peek a boo toes, but at least Stephen was kind enough to allow me to hold onto his shoulders whilst I attempted to walk. Walking home was not much of a problem as there weren’t many people to walk past apart from one guy in a car who said, “your heels are too high” or something like that. “I know, hehehe”. Lol!


Moral of the story? There are some nice guys and gentlemen out there who just want to be kind! Yup, that’s the moral of the story.


HettyAsh xx


Evil Company Corrupts Good Habits

Evil Company Corrupts Good Habits

“Do not be deceived: evil company corrupts good habits”. 1st Corinthians Chapter 15:33. A good example is someone who is trying to quit smoking. It’s hard and requires a lot of strength. But if you still hang around with people who constantly smoke, it will be near impossible to stop.  I’ve seen this happen a lot of times. How about hanging around people who steal and saying that you don’t steal so you’re fine, but you’re with the same people that are committing that act. When the police get called, you’ll be involved. Basically, if you’re trying to break a bad habit and progress,  try analysing your current company and investigate to see if they are helping you or bringing you down.

“You can’t hang out with chickens and expect to soar with eagles” – Joel Osteen (thanks Asiabee for this quote).

HettyAsh xx