Shades of Brown and Fiercely Red

Hi guys! I love wearing brown. It suits my skin complexion. I feel like I could wear almost anything within reason and still look OK in it as long as it’s brown. Red in another favourite colour of mine. It stands out, it goes with a lot of other colours and most girls are infatuated by the vibrancy behind the colour red. How can you not be?

brown outfit, with a red jacket

I call this look – ‘shades of brown and fiercely red’. I feel fierce wearing this look because of the rich colour of brown and the bold red colour.


I’m wearing an animal print tunic top that has a tie around the neck and gathers. It gives it a more relaxed and loose look.

brown outfit, with a red jacket

The ¾ length brown trousers is also loose fitted. I love the material as it’s so comfortable.

These heels is one of my favourite as it’s a lot more comfortable than most heels. It has a cushion on the soles and although it is pointed, it is wide fitted for people who have wide feet.

brown outfit, with a red jacket

My jacket is waist length and is great for summer. It’s bright and smart and when it’s slightly cold, I can wear it to keep me warm.

red jacket and animal print

I love handbags that I can literally wear everyday. I guess that’s why they’re called the everyday handbag. The straps are detachable so I can hold the bag using it’s handles or use it as a crossover.

My fashion tip is to be bold when it comes to colours but not too bold that the colours are a complete mismatch. Animal print an brown colours go well with red. Pink heels can be the perfect combination when it comes to brown and red. I know – surprising.

everyday handbag

So there you have it,


‘Shades of Brown and Fiercely Red’.


HettyAsh xx


CreatHers Event August 2017

CreatHers Event August 2017

Hi ladies, I’m excited to announce that I’m organising the next CreatHers Event along with a friend of mine who also works in the media industry! The first event was an absolutely success. It was a success because many of our guests gave positive feedback which was more than what I could ask for. The next event will be on the 20th of August 2017.

CreatHers Feedback CreatHers Feedback CreatHers Feedback

There will be a vision board party which will give guests the opportunity to create their own unique career related vision boards with the help of magazines. We will have three guest speakers from the media and wider creative industry. So ensure you are kept up to date on the event as the line up is revealed. The last part of the event will be a networking section which will give guests the opportunity to expand their network, promote their brands, businesses, and self. There will also be vendors on the day from unique brands so ensure you bring cash so that you don’t miss out on the goodies.

There are a limited number of exclusive spaces available. Tickets are already live via Eventbrite and there are early bird tickets. The early bird tickets are the only discount that will be available so book  your space before it’s too late.

Read how the first event went in April 2017.

If you would like to sponsor the event or be a vendor do get in touch by emailing us at

To book your ticket visit this link: CreatHers Event August 2017.

Don’t miss out on attending the UK’s only vision board party.


HettyAsh xx




10 Career Mistakes to Avoid (Pt 1)

10 Career Mistakes to Avoid (Pt 1)

Hi all! I honestly believe that people have become more ambitious, more driven and more career minded than a few decades ago. We want to strive to do better in relation to our profession. I meet many young people who are business minded and career driven. They won’t settle for less. However, there are many of us who make avoidable mistakes. For this reason, I’m sharing the 10 career mistakes to avoid.


Pursuing a Career For Others


Many of us have fallen ‘victim’ to pursuing a wrong path as a result of the advice and judgements of friends, family members, peers and colleagues. Whether it is because they want the best for you, they feel threatened or want to steer you in the wrong path, you should never make decisions solely on the opinion of others.


If you are certain of what path to take, ensure the necessary research and work is done and endeavour to reach your desired goal.


Being led by others can be a recipe for disaster as you’re not allowing yourself to use your own intelligence. If someone says turn right, you’ll turn, but if they say ‘no wait, turn left’, you’ll go back and turn left. You will end up becoming like the wind and wavering in the air.


Uncertain Career Goals


It can be very frustrating when you’re unsure of what path to take. This can result in undertaking jobs purely for financial gain, instead of working somewhere you will enjoy. It can be easier said that done, but you must figure out which profession you should pursue,


A good tip is to ‘dig deep’ within yourself and find out what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at. Envisioning what you would like to conquer in the near future ie five years from now can help you to gain an understanding of the type of job that would interest you. For example, desiring to have a huge collection of clothes may insinuate the desire to work in fashion retail.


Lack of Focus


Your CV is a piece of you. It tells employers a bit about who you are, what you do, what skills you attain and what career path you are taking. If your CV appears to be inconsistent it may send red flags to potential employers.


Freelancing or progressing on to new jobs within a specific field is absolutely fine. Nonetheless, having jobs in different sectors can indicate that you are uncertain about your profession. Most companies use their own resources to train employees and would not want to spend their finances on training you if they feel you may divert career paths after a few months. To add, many employers will not hire people they believe lack focus.


Assuming “It’s not personal, it’s business”

I used to believe this saying. I believed that friendships and relationships obtained from a work environment shouldn’t and wouldn’t ever interfere with your job. What occurs at work, stays at work and being hired is purely depended on whether employers deem you to be fit for the role. I was wrong. Business is always personal. From the moment you meet your interviewer, you are being judged. They judge you on how you look, how you present yourself, if they feel they will get along with you, if they like you as a person, if you will get along with your colleagues and so forth.


As a freelancer, I’ve had experiences where I would solely focus on my job at hand. I would rarely go to work related social gatherings and meet ups because I wanted to focus on my job and thought that it was ‘unprofessional’ to attend such events. I behaved this way until I was told to ‘work smart, not hard’. You have to be hard working, but you also have to build relationships with your colleagues and bosses.


Working whether in a business, creative or organisational environment is about having a balance. As the saying goes, ‘it’s about who you know’. Additionally, you have to be concerned with who is promoting you when you’re not there. Who is singing you praises?


Being Pigeon-Holed


It is important to be a person of many skills and talents. It may sound like I’m contradicting myself in relation to the ‘Lack of Focus’ point, but I’m not. Striving to learn as much of the job you’re in will put you in a great advantage. You should want to learn additional skills and job roles within your field. Doing this will help you with future job opportunities and pay increases.


It puts you at an advantage, particularly as the job market is always changing and more people are looking for multi skilled individuals to recruit. There may be instances where managers will want to put you ‘in a box’ but that shouldn’t deter you. Increasing your knowledge and experience will always be a good thing.


Those are the first five career mistakes to avoid. Subscribe to my blog to be kept updated about part two. In the meantime, what are your thoughts?


HettyAsh xx



Has Dating Changed for Millennials?

Has Dating Changed for Millennials?

 Hi Guys, so for the first time ever we have a guest blogger. Usually it’s just myself and Asiabee who write blog posts for this site. Mia from has written this article on millennials and the dating world. She shares her perspectives, experiences and knowledge. Take it away Mia!


Today a new generation is setting the dating trends. Society has changed, the new technologies are making their mark and the rules of the game are entirely new. So, let us see how the millennials have changed dating as we know it.

Going on Dates

Traditional dates are becoming just an image we see on movies, where a man and a woman make dinner plans together and book a table at the finest restaurant in town. That’s not how the millennials roll, though. They prefer more casual hangouts during any time of the day and don’t require wearing special attire, bringing flowers and spending several hours of their time. They prefer to grab a coffee and simply hang out.

Diverse communication

Communication is something that was always done in person. Sure, people had phones, but they used them mostly to arrange the actual dates. Now, communication became much more diversified, as it can be done via texting, social media or phoning. Since all of this social media for communication are accessible on the mobile phone, talking is much more instant. This also means that a lot of important things can be lost in translation since reading the letters is never the same as reading someone’s face.

Technology as the third person in the relationship


One of the biggest dating mistakes millennials make is allowing technology to interfere with their relationship. And this doesn’t mean only by communicating via their smartphones. It has been some sort of a dating norm for couples to post their photos online (Facebook, Instagram), basically to show others how happy they are. Also, partners tend to check up on each other by “stalking” their social media profiles to see who liked their photos or commented on their posts.

Relationships as the next stage

In spite of all the novelties brought about by new tech and social media, millennials are still starting most of their relationships with long-term friends, work acquaintances or by meeting a friend of a friend. Real connections are found where there is already some degree of loyalty or commitment.

Times may change but people don’t

Technology and the changed circumstances definitely presents new challenges millennials are learning to overcome along the way. But, people are people, and they still aspire to the same things as the generations before them – meaningful relationship and long-term commitment. Although they tend to tie the knot much later than their parents, more than 60% of millennials who have never married would like to do so one day, and 80% of them think that romance is very important.

Millennials are juggling a lot of new things on the dating market, and sure, they make some mistakes while learning, but that is the essential part of the process. The most important thing is that, despite all the different trends, what matters the most remains unchanged.



Mia TaylorMia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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How To Keep Your Focus on Your Faith

How To Keep Your Focus on Your Faith

Hey all! I have often heard of many people exclaiming that they no longer go to church due to the gossip of others. They have said that they witness people bad mouthing others.  They are called hypocrites. This is true – there are people who gossip in churches. I have to add that not everyone who goes to church are used by God. In comparison, not everyone who goes to school are actually learning. You have to pay attention and follow the correct teachings in order to learn. If we focus on what is right, we won’t be concerned about what is wrong, in fact, we won’t even notice.

I was reading a short piece by Bishop Macedo, the founder and leader of the UCKG Helpcentre and he stated the following story.

A young man went to the pastor and said, “Pastor, I’m not coming to church anymore!”

“Why?” the pastor asked.

“Because I saw one woman badmouthing another,” the young man replied. “That man over there gives a terrible testimony outside, and the other one criticises you about the campaign.”

“Okay,” the pastor said. “All I ask is that you do me a favour before you leave. Fill a glass with water and walk around the church three times. There’s a catch; you must do this without spilling a single drop of water on the floor. After you do this, then you can leave the church.”

The boy thought: ‘That’s super easy.’

And he walked around the church three times.

When he had finished, he said: “I’m done, pastor.”

And the pastor asked him: “Did you see the woman badmouthing the other one while you were walking around the church?”

“No,” the young man said.

“Did you hear anyone complain about the campaign?”


“Do you know why? You were focused on the cup so that you wouldn’t spill any water. The same happens in our lives when our focus is on the Lord Jesus, and we are careful not to lose our salvation. When we do this, then we don’t have time to pay attention to other people’s mistakes.”

Let’s keep our faith healthy. Don’t let go of the most precious thing you have, which is your salvation.


It’s such a great example that reminded me that if I’m focused on my faith and on me, I won’t be so bothered about what other people do around me or against me.

HettyAsh xx