A Certified Bum

A Certified Bum

Have you ever come across a certified bum? I mean someone who doesn’t seem to, or appear to be going anywhere in life, even though you really believe in them and their words? I have! You know the old sayings that talk about hanging around people that will lift you up and encourage you to progress? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do. But for you ladies who are single, or maybe even have a boyfriend and are not sure what to look out for in regards to steering clear of certified bums, I have five key pointers. Have a look.

5. Lack of Focus
“I’m going to have my own fashion line – no, I’m going to train to be a fitness trainer – actually, I want to be an engineer”. If your guy displays these attributes, then it’s time to take a second look, putting all feelings aside. It will be very difficult for anyone to progress in life and achieve if they are not focused; “strivers achieve what dreamers believe”.
4. Stuck on a Treadmill 
Can you really believe that some people can be running on a treadmill and not have a motive or a goal? As a woman who may be dating, or in a relationship with someone like this, you will notice that although people around them have progressed – they haven’t. They will still be in the same place they were when you first met them, no matter how many years it’s been. The world rotates with them stuck in the middle of it.
3. Delusions of Gunger
“I will buy a brand new Mercedes Benz next year. I will buy my own house this year, and I will travel the world in yachts”. That guy that always claims that he will have the world, but yet never works for it. If your man is always dreaming dreams and never acting them out – it’s time to give him a reality check.
2.The supposed 8 days in a week.
Ever heard of a day called someday? I haven’t either. According to certified bums, this is a very prominent day in their calendar where everything they say is going to happen, doesn’t. Need I say more?
1. Pride
In life, we always need to humble ourselves in order to acknowledge our mistakes and faults, learn from them, research on how to improve, thereafter progressing to another stage in our lives. This type of guy is so proud that he plays the game of attempting to act successful and content with his life, when in actuality he wishes he could be somewhere he’s not. How do you address such a problem? You need to be harsh, give him the facts, tell him who he is and what he CAN become.
HettyAsh xx

Top 5 tips to creating your own apps

Top 5 tips to creating your own apps

When it comes to creating and designing apps I barely have a clue. In fact, I have no idea. The app market is always expanding just like most other markets, and whilst it’s continually growing I thought it best to ask a business savvy friend what his top five tips are regarding app building.


  1. Research – I can’t shout out enough about how important it is to research. Without any research it’s like walking blindfolded in a silent world. How will you know what to do? Research what apps are already out there, what you need to create your own app and most importantly why?
  2. Finding a technical person that can build apps – creating apps is a very technical process that needs someone who is more than computer savvy and understands the ins and outs of the creation process.
  3. Think about app marketing – it’s great having your own app, but if nobody knows about it what’s the point. It’s important to research into and understand how to market your app to people, companies, organisation, charities and basically the relative world.
  4. Think about the maintenance of the app – who will update the app and who will fix bugs etc. have a think or it could be you.
  5. Really understand your customer base – Who will use the app and download it and why? You wouldn’t want to create an app for five year olds and unknowingly market it to teenagers would you?

HettyAsh xx


The Four Behavioural Characteristics


Every single person on this planet is unique. Each twin is a unique being, each man is distinctive and each female is one of a kind. Even with this knowledge, there’s a simpler understanding to human beings, which can be defined in four main behavioural characteristics known as DISC. By The Way, DISC is also used as a method by some HR departments to define the characteristics of potential employees.


Within each ‘title’ there are ‘four’ sub titles which are used to further narrow the categories each individual fits in.


Below are the names of each characteristic along with adjectives to give a rough idea of the traits that fall into each category.


Dominance (Task orientated and driven by results) = dominant, driven, doers, decisive, determined, direct and demanding.


Influence (outgoing and driven by people) = inspirational, influential, interactive, impulsive, interested in people and impressionable.


Steadiness (Reserved and somewhat people orientated) = steady, stable, supportive, sensitive, security, status quo.


Compliance (reserved and tasks) = cautious, calculating, competent, compliant, conscientious, careful and consistent.


Of course, each characteristic contains its strengths and weaknesses, for instance, those that fall into the Steadiness category tend to shy away from change. This is often seen as a bad thing as generally, in order to progress in life, you need to be susceptible to change. On the other hand, those that fit into the dominance characteristic are often not sociable and lack people skills. People in the compliance category can often be very analytical and will not perform certain tasks, unless they are aware of the ins and outs, the why’s and how’s, and the facts and statistics. Although in order to persuade a dominance person, that individual will often need to provide said facts and statistics.


Dealing with Different Personality Traits


In order to successfully deal with various personality traits, you have to adapt yourself to suit each person. This doesn’t mean change who you are, it just means be weary of different people’s thought process and reactions.


Personality type D: these people tend to think fast, are quick paced and direct. They don’t beat around the bush and prefer interacting with people who go straight to the point. They generally need to work on building a rapport with colleagues and employees and build relationships with people. Upon typing an email to a colleague they may say,


“John, have you researched which country uses the most apps yet? Thanks, Hetty”.


When dealing with a D it is better to be brief and send bullet points when possible.


Personality type I: fun, loving, outgoing and natural entertainers are traits that sums up such a character. They feel energised by social interaction and dislikes email communication. In the event that they do send emails, they tend to be relaxed and conversational in style. Here is an example:

Hey John,


How are you? How was your weekend? Did you manage to go to your friend’s party in the end?


We spoke about researching which country uses the most apps in the world. I’ve managed to research the top twenty countries across Europe, America and even Africa. How is your research going?




Hetty xx


When dealing with an I it’s best to send messages with a personal touch and keep things light and friendly with a sense of humour and a dash of praise.


Personality type S: such people are loyal, patient and caring. Their easy going personality is also reflected in the digital communication. When they send emails, they often come from a perspective that includes the well-being of everyone around them. Here is an example:


Hi John,


How are you?


We spoke last week about conducting research regarding the countries that use the most apps in the world. How has your research been going? I have found some sources. Would you like me to assist you in anyway?


Thank you.


Best wishes,




When dealing with S type personalities, it is best to take a gradual approach and take slightly longer to explain things whilst showing consideration towards them.


Personality type C: such people are organised and methodical and are generally on the introverted side of the social spectre. Social interaction can be tiring for them but give them a pen and paper and they could write for days. Emailing is one of their best friends as it enables them to convey high amounts of information instantly.

Here is an example:


Hi John,


How are you?


We spoke last week about conducting research on the countries that use the most apps in the world. I have found some very useful links and resources, and as such have compiled them into the attached document for you to view.


How is your research coming along?


I found that A, B, C and D….. and the statistics conveyed on E website states that F and G are A and B. It was suggested on F website that G and H are I and Y is Z. However, G and P is similar to D….. and the email can go on and on and on…..


Best wishes,




In dealing with such traits, it is best to be specific, especially if time is not on your side as they will take longer to read your email and carefully draft a response, thereafter reading over their response a dozen times before hitting the send button.


Learning about different people’s characteristics and adapting to suit each person can and will increase harmony in the workplace, home and in social circles.


I hope this helps, but don’t thank me, thank Savran which is an organisation that helps to develop people. I love its slogan – “Be Savvi, be successful”.


This is their website – http://www.savran.co.uk/


If it wasn’t for a workshop that Creative Access organised at ITV, I would not have known about Savran and its wonderfulness, so thanks Creative Access!



Hetty xx


Asiabee’s Spring Fashion Trends For Kids

Lace Less Trainers

Children are always on the go, so why not put on some lace less trainers which can be worn by a boy or a girl. Just look out for the style and colour which suites your child’s look and personality.

Trench Coats

If you thought trench coats were only for adults, you thought wrong. In fact, they provide coverage from the rain and they come in various colours and prints, if your child is daring enough. 

Safari and Military Style Prints

Combat trousers and traditional military khakis are a must have. Take these war looks from the frontline and incorporate them into your child’s fashion sense by dressing them up or down.


Head accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit. Find your style in bows, sparkles and jewels. With the winter hats happily behind us, let’s move forward with cute hair accessories.


xo Asiabee