GUBA Awards 2017 Awarding Excellence

GUBA Awards 2017 Awarding Excellence

Hi guys,


I attended the 6th annual GUBA awards on Saturday the 3rd of June as part of the press team. The awards ceremony was attended by an array of media personalities and notable individuals. These included MP Dianne Abbott, Iain Walker – British High Commissioner to Ghana, X Factor finalists Reggie n Bollie and BBC’s The Apprentice series 12 contestant Samuel Boateng to name a few.


The GUBA Awards is otherwise known as the Ghana UK Based Awards. It is a non-profit business and innovation award set up to acknowledge, celebrate and support Ghanaian based businesses and individuals in the UK. As the annual ceremony has grown the event has opened to a much wider audience. Regardless of your race, if you attain a business or charity background and have conducted projects in the UK with relation to Ghana you too could get involved in the awards ceremony. If you simply want to celebrate as a guest and enjoy a night of celebratory success then be sure to look out for the next event. The events are held annually.


The awards was founded by Dentaa Amoateng MBE who is a British-Ghanaian entrepreneur, actress, TV presenter, singer, producer and manager.

Dentaa GUBA

GUBA’s 6th annual awards ceremony was held in June 2017 and celebrated Ghana at 60. The hosts were the utterly hilarious comedian Eddie Kadi and well known Ghanaian entrepreneur, TV and radio presenter Anita Erskine.

It is evident that Dentaa is very passionate about her Ghanaian community. She wants awards such as GUBA to inspire and motivate others to pursue their ambitions and know that if others have done it so can they. Amidst the news reports of high levels of stabbings amongst young boys in London over the last few months, Dentaa said,


I want black boys to know that they can make it, look at Anthony Joshua [who went] from drugs  and prison to a multi-millionaire boxer.


During the ceremony, a video from His Excellency – Nana Akufo-Addo, the President of the Republic of Ghana was played to the audience.


I have been a keen follower of the activities of GUBA and I must say they have done a brilliant job especially in helping to consolidate the economic, social and tourism link between the UK and Ghana. We should all stand ready to support GUBA.


There were other notable videos that were played at the ceremony from veteran British broadcaster, Jon Snow and former First Lady, Cherie Blaire.


Amongst the recognitions and awards that were awarded on the night was the Outstanding Achievement Award that was given to Chris Hughton. He had been appointed the role of the manager of the football club, Brighton & Hove Albion FC. Chris had done amazingly well by leading the club to its promotion from the championship into the premier league this year.


Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom (pictured below in the middle), is a business consultant and leader of one of Ghana’s largest political party – Progressive People’s Party (PPP). The prestigious award for excellence in business was awarded to Dr. Nduom by Warner Rootliep, the general manager of UK & Ireland AirFrance KLM. He certainly deserved to win the biggest award of the night for his businesses in the banking, finance, hospitality and media industries.

Dr-Nduom-middle, Christ Houghton etc

I spoke to Samuel Boateng, BBC’s The Apprentice series 12 contestant on what it meant for him to be a nominee for Business Start Up of the Year. He simply spoke of wanting to give recognition to the Ghanaian UK business and help others like himself.

Samuel Boateng and wife GUBA Awards

The GUBA Black Star Awardees 

Maidie Arkutu – Female Influential Leader Apostle

Kwadwo Safo – Innovative Pioneer

Anas Aremeyaw Anas – Exceptional Journalist

Michael K. Obeng – Humanitarian Spirit

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom – Excellence in Business, Ghana

Mr & Mrs Mensah (Uncle John’s Bakery) – Enterprising Business Award

Kwaku Oteng – Outstanding Industrialist

Dr Kofi Amoa-Abban – Young Oil & Gas Entrepreneur Kelvin Doe – Young African Innovator

Dr Nii Dzani – Influential Economist

Dr Jason Sarfo-Annin – Student Achiever of the Year

Mrs Ivy Manly-Spain – Female Excellence in Oil and Gas Award

Chris Hughton – Outstanding Achievement Award

For a list of the GUBA award winners visit the official website, If you’re an aspiring business owner, entrepreneur or media personality check out the nominees, winners and guests who attended the event and follow them for inspiration and advice.

The ceremony was a fun, energetic and entertaining way to recognise those individuals, brands, organisations and charities alike, not just through heart warming speeches but also through performances and a live band.

GUBA Awards Band

three masked men on stage GUBA Awards

I must state that the outfits that both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians wore to the event were incredible. They were filled with colour, life and culture.

GUBA Awards 17

GUBA Awards 17

GUBA Awards 17

GUBA Awards 17 HettyAsh

GUBA Awards 17

Claire Clottey GUBA Awards


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HettyAsh xx


Should We Really Follow Our Hearts When It Comes To Relationships?

Should We Really Follow Our Hearts When It Comes To Relationships?

Ever heard of the infamous saying, ‘follow your heart’? I have. Well, who hasn’t? One thing I have noticed regarding famous sayings and quotes is that a lot of them are not necessarily true. The quotes look nice, they sound nice and they even flow off the tip of your tongue so perfectly, but the shocking truth is that some are just misleading. “The heart is deceitful above all things” – The Bible, Jeremiah 17:9.


I can draw from my experiences and the experiences of others. Many women have fallen prey and victim to the endless sweet talk that they have received in the past. The type of sweet talk that never seemed to match with one’s actions. There are many who fall weak at the knees and feel so giddy that they just can’t believe how ‘perfect’ this new-found person seems to be.


There are many times where I’ve been told stories of where a guy wooed a girl so much that he eventually prepared a beautiful romantic meal for her in his home with roses. It was a dream. This woman slept with the guy and never heard from him after this.


Blinded by our Hearts


There are many instances where family and friends absolutely detest someone their loved one is dating. They see straight through his/her fake acts of kindness and gestures, their behaviour and their poor character. However, the person in the relationship sees this person as pure gold. They fail to see the signs of him/her being too friendly with the opposite sex. They repeatedly choose to stay with them after betrayals and even make excuses for them.


Somewhere at the back of their minds they know that something is not quite right. Nonetheless, because they love this person and they are controlled by their heart i.e. their feelings, they simply ignore what they know.


My mind is telling me no but my heart is telling me yes


Have you ever been in a predicament concerning your love life where your mind is telling you no but your heart is telling you yes? There are some people who cry wolf until kingdom come. They are always sorry for the same terrible actions they have committed. They apologise like the word sorry is going out of fashion and profess their love for you like no other. Yet, they repeatedly and constantly lie to you, abuse your trust, maltreat you and disrespect you.


They play on your heart and emotions and because you’re sensitive and caring, you accept their apology over and over and over again. You feel sorry for them and you love them, so for this reason, you cave in. You know that you should walk away but yet again you follow your heart.


That’s dangerous because the more you listen to your heart, the more hurt you will be and the more unwanted baggage you will unwillingly claim.

The heart can be erratic


One minute you want to be with this person and the next minute you break up. There’s a moment where you feel completely loved up and promise that this person will be your spouse in the future but then the next day you’re completely confused. That’s how the human heart is. One minute we can be on cloud nine and the next minute we can feel low.


Our emotions can be all over the place and if we follow them, we too can be all over the place, just like the wind. Which direction does the wind go? Everywhere. It flows everywhere.


No two relationships are the same and relationships are certainly not perfect. There will be ups and there will be downs. There will be arguments and disagreements but there will be joy and laughter as well. If you are led by your emotions you will act on impulse and always regret the previous decisions you made.


So guys, never follow your heart when it comes to relationships. Follow your mind, follow your reasoning and follow your intelligence. Of course, your heart will initially be drawn to said person because you’re immediately attracted to them for instance. However, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor of whether you should be with the person.


Love at first sight simply doesn’t exist. It is not real, there is attraction at first sight, lust at first sight, but certainly not love. Firstly, you can’t love someone you don’t know. Secondly, love is an action more than a feeling. You choose to love someone and to show them love. That’s why some state that they have fallen out of love with their partner. You fall out of love when you stop choosing to love them.


Can you relate to any of the examples I’ve mentioned? What are your thoughts?


Lady in Red – The Look

Lady in Red – The Look

Hi girls,

Lady in red! Where have I heard that statement before? Sometimes we can get so caught up in not wanting to wear a bright top and a pair of bright trousers of the same colour. It’s easy to think that you will end up walking around the streets looking like a clown. That doesn’t have to be the case, particularly if you match them correctly.

Usually when people pair items of clothing together, they wear a pair of trousers with a matching jacket and a different coloured top to even it all out. I do that also, but I don’t make a habit of it. When it comes to fashion, I find habits to be a bit boring. I love to mix up my outfits and stand out from the crowd. I’m not one for wearing what everyone else is wearing.

Once you find your unique style, stick to it and adapt it as fashion grows and develops. It is also great to try something out of the norm, something you might not wear, a statement piece that you wouldn’t look twice at, as that outfit might fit you better than anyone else in the room.

I chose to wear a strawberry peplum top with a red frill zip palazzo trousers. Palazzo trousers are definitely on trend right now and a lot of the major high street brands have incorporated these bottoms into their collections.

I love these trousers as they have a slight frill at the bottom. It was important to me that they weren’t too frilly as that isn’t my style.

The peplum top also has frills at the bottom, thus it gives the outfit a slightly symmetric look.

I love these heels. Love, love, love. They are suede and have a cute bow on them, plus they are block heels so which gives the outfit a different look. As my entire outfit is bright red, the grey heels really stands out. The perfect trousers for the perfect heels.

Strawberry peplum top, Next

Frill zip palazzo trousers, Topshop

Grey suede, block heels with bow, ASOS

What are your takes on this fashion look?

HettyAsh xx


Why Are People Jealous of You?

Why Are People Jealous of You?

Throughout my life I have been analysing the concept of jealousy and why some people possess this trait more strongly than others.

Destined For Greatness

It led me back to thinking about the bible and what it has taught me over the years. I have often heard that the “enemy” attacks us when we are in our mothers womb. So I started to think about this analogy on a deeper level. The enemy begins to attack us in our mothers womb. Why would he do this? At that point we are  defenceless innocent foetuses with the possibility to develop into a baby. Why would anybody want to attack such a thing? Then the quote came to mind, “jealousy is not about who you are but who you’re going to become”

Finally it clicked and it felt like a light bulb had just gone off in my head. You see the enemy knows that your destined for greater things way before you’re even aware of it, so in a strange kind of way a jealous person can also have this insight. Often I have been baffled as to why some people are so jealous of others, when looking into their lives, the jealous person ‘appears’ to have more, if we are thinking on a material level, but still they continue to speak badly to that person, and often they try to belittle them or dismiss their accomplishment.

I have experienced this type of attitude from others within my social circle, and I would think to myself why would so and so be jealous of this particular person when they ‘seem to be doing more in their lives.’ Again this quote popped back in my head, so I may not be all that I’m supposed to be now, but clearly they can see something that I can’t which triggers them to display this behaviour.

So what do you do now?

You must decide to turn this negative into a positive and begin to think and take steps towards what the jealous person can see. Clearly they can see that you have the potential to go places and make it big, so it’s time you buckle your seat belt towards this destination.

So next time your in an environment whereby you are experiencing this ‘jealousy thing,’ just think to yourself that you have a destiny to fulfil  that is so big that your got the jealous person and the enemy all shook up. And embrace this for it signifies who you are going to Become

Ephesians 6:12:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

xo Asiabee


Get Out Of The 9-5 Mindset

Get Out Of The 9-5 Mindset

There are so many of us who attain big aspirations, big dreams and want so desperately to own businesses and brands that we can be proud of. It’s one thing to want to be an entrepreneur or a business owner but it’s another to bring said ideas into fruition. So how can one get out of the 9-5 mindset?

Get out of the trap of having ‘the 9-5 mindset’ and break out and work for yourself – Joanna Abeyie.

I organised an event for female creatives and entrepreneurs called CreatHers which consisted of an amazing industry panel. The wealth of knowledge that was in that room was incredible. I never thought I could put on such an event that would receive such a positive reception until I did. The information that was relayed to the guests was packed with a powerful punch!


“Get out of the trap of having ‘the 9-5 mindset’ and break out and work for yourself” – Joanna Abeyie. Being a business owner or an entrepreneur is not for everyone, but for those who strive for this on a daily basis – you have to break the mould.


This does not mean that you have to quit your full-time job on a whim and take a ‘leap of faith’ (although, some have done just this and have gained success because of it). You have to assess your situation and decide what the best course of action would be. I am someone who can decide on something in an instant and use my faith and jump. It worked for the CreatHers event I co-organised.


Your 9-5 job should be viewed as an investment opportunity whilst you have an employer. Jen & Jay spoke about seeing your job as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. They are investing in you as you’re learning valuable skills. Additionally, your employer is supporting you financially.

The 9-5 mindset is thinking that you are only good at one thing, or that you can only be successful if you’re working for someone else.

People are afraid. People have plans and goals for the future but there is only one thing standing in their way. Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of breaking out from the repetitive lifestyle and the list goes on.


To me, the 9-5 mindset is thinking that you are only good at one thing, or that you can only be successful if you’re working for someone else. It is thinking that your only source of income can only ever be from your employer. It’s the notion of attaining and maintaining the repetitive lifestyle of working 9-5 for a person, a company or a brand. It’s fitting into the norm.


Look out for part two when I delve into a successful fashion photographer, Jade who pursued a career that was not considered the norm by her family members. I will also address how Vaby and Joanne, owners of a skin coloured clothing brand re-built their social media profile.


What are your thoughts on having a ‘9-5 mindset’?


HettyAsh xx