Rebuke For The Wise

Rebuke For The Wise
“A wise man heeds his father’s instruction, but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke” – Proverbs 13:1.
Amen to that. No one is perfect as we all know. We all make mistakes and do wrong whether intentionally or unintentionally. One thing I learnt when growing up was to always respect authority. Authority always meant my parents, older people, pastors, teachers, bosses etc. It is also important to give respect to each other and to listen to the advice of your peers and take what is good and discard what is bad. However, you need to attain a certain amount of humility in order to really accept chastising and rebuke. No one really likes being told what to do and that they are doing wrong but sometimes it is necessary.
We can only see ourselves when we look through some sort of mirror, but what about when we’re not? What about when we’re walking on the street, or sitting in a classroom, or at our desk at work? Everyone else can see exactly what we look like, but we have no idea until we look at ourselves through the looking glass. Sometimes we can’t see our own faults and wrongdoings but others can, they can see it as clear as day. We need to just humble ourselves and admit our wrongs, don’t be scared to apologise, brush it off our shoulders, pick up our mat and keep it moving.
Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath; don’t feel bitter about the help that others have tried to give and always look and search inside yourself to see how you can improve as a better person.
One thing I definitely believe is that we are either getting better in life or getting worse. I don’t really believe that we can stay the same because life is always changing, so inevitably if we don’t do anything then we’ll probably get worse.
So I’m putting on this wise hat of mine and keeping it moving.
HettyAsh xx