The Difference Between The Go Getters and The Dreamers

The Difference Between The Go Getters and The Dreamers

In the words of Usher “Strivers achieve what dreamers believe”.

This quote in my opinion is self explanatory. We all have dreams and aspirations – that’s the easy part. However, in order to make our dreams come to fruition there’s often a lot of work that needs to be accomplished, in order for our dreams to become tangible.

This crossroads is where people are divided and they begin to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I consider myself to be part of the elite group that falls in the go getters sections and I’m going to explain why.

From a young age I have always had this self believe that I would be very successful and started looking up to people who possessed the kind of success I wanted to emulate within my own life. One of the people I really looked up to was Kimora Lee Simmons. She embodied everything I felt success truly meant, from having a wealthy, successful husband, to having children and running an empire such as Baby Phat. It would have been so easy for her to just enjoy the lavish lifestyle Russell Simmons provided for her, but she had dreams and aspirations of her own and after watching and learning from Russell, she put her own vision into reality.

Even with all the wealth of the Simmons family, they recognise that in order to have any type of success it’s not enough to just have a dream, you have to physically put yourself out there and actually get your hands dirty in order for anything to be accomplished. I remember watching Kimora Lee Simmons’ reality television show, “Life In The Fab Lane”. She would always say that she would never ask any of her employees to do something that she wouldn’t do herself and in this instance she was referring to cleaning her warehouse. To me it showed that she wasn’t afraid of hard work, but also she realised the importance of not being too big to humble oneself.

So it’s easy to see that go getters are cut from a different cloth all together. When I compare myself to others, I see that my attitude and attributes are different to those that just dream about what they want from life. I truly think that everything in life starts with a word. I put the start of my success down to the words I would speak over my life. Positive talk combined with positive actions equals success. It’s so vital to say and do the right things and a lot of times my friends would always point out that I speak very highly of myself and would speak success into my existence.

I did not notice this as my logic would tell me that in order for me to achieve anything I have to first speak it out, then take the necessary steps into fulfilling that prophesy and not giving up at the fist sign of trouble or challenges. Being resilient and dedicating myself to the particular goal ensures that I always come up on top.

One example I would like to use about my own personal experience of being a go getter took place where I used to work. I always “dreamed” of becoming a manager at this work place and my colleague and I would always talk about it, but I knew only one of us would achieve this dream, and dare I say it, I knew it would be me. I started at the bottom of the organisation and people thought I was crazy for doing that, simply because I had a degree. But I knew different, I wanted to know the job inside out and at all levels in order for me to be so knowledgeable about the company that I would be invaluable and hard to replace. So I did this for 6 years and worked my way all the way up. I achieved this title in spite of all the challenges and knock backs that I faced and I was adamant from the start that I wouldn’t just dream about this position, but I would become the face of it.

To conclude, I think it is evident to see there is a clear difference between go getters and dreamers. Us go getters do not rely on anybody, we create our own opportunities and we create our own destiny. Whereas dreamers imagine all the possibilities whilst knowing deep down they don’t have what it takes to make it to the top. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

xo Asiabee