The First Half Pleated Skirt

Hi lovelies! In London the weather is absolutely amazing. It has been so sunny and warm throughout the weekend. What better way to enjoy the sun than to be outside living it up in the park, or seated outside at a café or chilling in the beach?

I really like this outfit I wore. At first, when I bought this particular skirt, I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t know if it would suit me and I didn’t know whether I had a top to match it. It’s definitely a unique skirt and one that confused me slightly. Maybe I’m over exaggerating but I literally saw the skirt and thought, ‘wow that looks different’, so I picked it up and bought it without much thought. It’s rare that I will find an item of clothing and just instantly like it. Nonetheless, I like different things, I enjoy standing out and always try to dress up in a way that others don’t.

Half Pleated Skirt, NEXT, Sandals, ALDO, Sheer pussy bow tie top, New Look

I went with a friend to the infamous The Shard in London Bridge and dined at Lang, an artisan cake shop inside, Shangri La-Hotel. I definitely have to go back there as I enjoyed the time that I spent; it was relaxing, posh and serene.

I’ve had this top for years – literally years and it never seems to disappoint. It is a sheer black top with stars decorated across it and a pussy bow tie. It has a classy and smart look and goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. So if you’re style is like mine, something like this might just be for you.

Half Pleated Skirt, NEXT, Sandals, ALDO

The skirt! I have really fallen in love with it. It is half pleated and has a contrasting black and orange colour. It’s loosely fitted and is mid length. This is the first half pleated skirt I have ever seen so I just had to grab it when I saw it. I haven’t yet seen anyone walking around with it so for now I’m safe as I don’t like wearing items that everyone else seems to be wearing.

Half Pleated Skirt, NEXT, Sandals, ALDO

The heeled sandals with the tie detail is actually more comfortable than it may look. It’s probably about 4 inches and has a slim heel. I usually don’t wear heels that high and slim but they are so gorgeous.

Half Pleated Skirt, NEXT, Sandals, ALDO, Sheer pussy bow tie top, New Look

The heels certainly compliment the skirt.

Half pleated skirt – Next

Top – New Look

Heeled sandals – Aldo

What do you think of the half pleated skirt look? Do you own any?


HettyAsh xx

  • Annaleid

    Love your outfit!! 🙂 That orange detail in the skirt looks great on you!
    xoxo Annaleid

    • Hetty Ashiagbor

      Thank you! I love the orange detail 🙂

  • Jalisa Marie

    I love that skirt. It’s so chic and different. Something you definitely won’t see everyone wearing. ☺️

    • Hetty Ashiagbor

      Thank you! xx

    • Hetty Ashiagbor

      What’s your blog name if you have one? x