The Value Of A Pound – Girl Talk

The Value Of A Pound – Girl Talk


Money is so powerful and with it you can buy all the material things in the world, the house, the car, the Louis Vuitton hand bag and the Chanel lipstick. Funnily enough, you can also buy ‘friends’, bribe people and influence others to do good or bad. That’s the power of money, and it is still valued either way. That’s the power of people, of women.


You see or know a guy that you really like, his swag, his personality, the smile he gives you and the poetry he tells you and you’re sold. Perhaps he’s just being nice or that’s just how he is. So, you try to grab his attention, get him to ask you out, to take you out. One week, two weeks, one month, six months, and still nothing. Until, that is, you notice him showing interest towards one of your friends. That’s not enough to make you realise that maybe he’s not for you, or make you think, “why would I want to date a guy that is openly, and obviously showing interest towards another girl”.  You lower your standards and devalue yourself just to get a guy to like you a little bit more than a friend would.


Instead of counting your blessings and thanking God that at least he’s not the one for you and so you’ll find someone better than him and more suited to you, you don’t. You turn against your friend, show dislike towards her and even envy. Plotting to put a halt to anything and everything. Why ruin a good friendship with someone because of a ‘thought’. A guy that tells you you’re his friend.


Basically, a guy may not like who someone else loves. Even if you may have devalued yourself in that respect, you’re still valuable and you should know your worth. Don’t stress out over someone that is not meant to be. The value of a pound is that even if it gets dirty, or wet, or trampled on – it’s still a pound and still valuable, that’s the pound sterling.


My top tip to a valuable road – write down all the qualities about yourself and reflect on them – it will do you a world of good.


HettyAsh xx