Toddler Trends For The Winter Weather

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

By now I know you’ve all felt the chill of the winter weather.

If you’re anything like me you love dressing your little ones and you’re constantly thinking of how to keep them warm whilst looking stylist.

For this type of weather you really don’t need much to make your toddler look good.

Here are some key essential items of clothing that must be in your collection.

Body Warmer

A body warmer instantly keeps your toddler warm, whilst adding style to their outfit.


Corduroy Trousers

Some corduroy trousers, I keep a few of these in different colours such as, blue, mustard and burgundy. I love these winter colours, and I love the warmth provided by this style of trousers.


Jumpers and Sweaters

Jumpers and sweaters, to nicely pair with the corduroy trousers. You don’t really want a thick jumpers because if your toddler is like mine, they easily get overheated and uncomfortable when they are draped in too much fabric. So I really appreciate sweaters, they provide the right level of heat, whilst looking good with a pair of trousers.


Trainers or Boots

A pair of trainers or boots completes each outfit, depending on the look you’re going with. When I want the casual look, I dressed my toddler in trainers, which I usually buy from Gap, and when I want something a little more sophisticated, I dress him up in Dr Martins.


Hat, Scarf and Gloves

Hat, scarf and gloves, if you’re planning on taking your toddler to a play date, which is mostly outdoors. I usually go for a multi coloured look. It brightens up your toddler and brings some colour to the dull weather outside.


A coat or a body warmer is crucial in keeping your toddler warm and very stylish this winter season. Some may well know baby stores have really trendy coats and body warmers to match your toddlers style and overall look.


I hope these simple but stylish trends will keep your toddler warm no matter how much the temperature drops.

Here are some of the look I have written about modelled by my toddler.


xo Asiabee