Winter Glam Fur-Fabulous

Hey lovelies,

I absolutely love fur coats and ‘glam’ such as glittery and sparkly pieces of clothing and jewellery, although I don’t tend to wear jewellery often. If you’re one of those lovely ladies who have to endure the autumn and winter season like I do, then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say, “it’s absolutely freezing, cold toes, frost bites, stiffness and just plain cold”! My favourite season like many people is Summer, but since Summer is long gone and Winter is fast approaching I thought I should share my Winter Glam – Fur-Fabulous look with you guys. 

Just for comfort and for style, I wore this sleeveless cream and black laced jumpsuit and added some sparkle to it by pairing it with a sequin under garment. This definitely helps give the jumpsuit a more glam look. 

I really like these boots as you can dress them up or dress them down depending on the occasion. The heel is about 4 inches long and the gold buckle and suede strip it has on the sides gives them a unique look. I always like to stand out where I can when it comes to fashion because I don’t really want people to look at me and be like oh I know exactly where you bought this and the time and the place and when the following year becomes the present year I would still like to be able to wear what I want without seeming dated. So back to the boots, when the weather is frosty and you’re going somewhere nice like on a nice date or a party, you can exchange heels for comfy and weather kind boots. 

I love fur coats! Love, love, love! You can wear anything (obviously within reason, 😀), but as soon as you put a fur coat on, all of a sudden you look glam and completely dressed up. I am someone who gets cold quite easily so it really helps that I have a beautiful and big faux fur coat to keep me warm when I’m out. This faux fur coat is mid length and is a nice jet black colour. It also comes with a belt which certainly compliments the coat and cinches your waist slightly when you put the belt on so it gets rid of that ‘frumpy’ look. 

The gold jewellery is so lush, so simple but yet so beautiful and lightweight. It’s gold plated and I have to say it really does this outfit justice. A dash of classy and simple gold earrings and you’re good to go. 

So there you have it, my Winter Glam – Fur-Fababulous look.

Let me know what you think guys.

Get the Look-ish:

Pretty Little Thing Lace jumpsuit  -£45

Faux Fur Coat Lipsy, Asos- £98 

Strap Ankle Boots, Miss Selfridges – £45

Nylon Gold Plated diamante, Asos – £6

Photography by AJ (contact hettyashasiabee (at) for more info)

HettyAsh xx