Wisdom More Precious Than Rubies

Wisdom More Precious Than Rubies

“No mention shall be made of coral or quartz, for the price of wisdom is above rubies” Job 28:18.

Rubies are classified as a precious stone, but can be bought, just like coral, quartz and diamonds.

We all know you can’t buy wisdom, knowledge or understanding (lol imagine if you could),

they are all things we need to grasp. I’m not referring to formal education at all, but things

that are so treasurable that it needs to be kept inside yourself and shared with others. Some

dictionaries define wisdom as,

“The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise”.

I believe wisdom is more than that, it’s about learning from your experiences and life’s lessons and teaching and advising others not to commit the same mistakes and wrong doings. Here’s a quote to reflect on;

“And to man he said, ‘behold the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding’”. Job 28:28

In a nutshell, I’m advised to stay away from so many wrong and harmful things for the benefit of myself and others. This includes: not intentionally damaging my body as it’s a temple i.e. smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, self-harming etc. and forgiving others so I can be set free, it is proven that grudges promotes various kinds of health problems – there are so many other examples. Love my neighbour as myself – this means loving others just as you love yourself. However, before this I’m advised to love God before everything. Loving God, a higher being, a supernatural power, means that He is always watching me and I would do my upmost best to not do anything I know I shouldn’t do.

I just have to add that positive and optimistic thoughts makes a huge difference to the outcome of your life as well. All these small but great bits of information can help to create a better version of yourself. Well… I’m off to see what else I can feed myself with (metaphorically speaking).

Another statement before I go – everyone needs a teacher in life – the question is who will be yours?


HettyAsh xx